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Display Panel; Tremaine insisted she had no part in an intergalactic war against a terrible red mist.

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About the Tandra Graphic Novels and digital comics.

Tandra is an adult oriented online comic strip that takes place in the fantasy world of Tandra. Each week we release a new chapter-page of this epic sci-fi adventure graphic novel. Our members section has a extensive digital archive of Tandra Pages released for the last 40 years. Hard copies of most of the Tandra graphic novels, along with the digital Tandra CD-ROM are available in our on line store.

Thereís something inherently appealing about flipping through the vivid pages of comics books. These images are among the most popular around the globe and itís easy to understand why. No other imagery is quite as bright, edgy or entertaining so itís no wonder that people are so completely absorbed when they settle down to read their comics books. Itís almost like escaping to a whole new universe.

While one may think that comics are no longer as popular as they once were, this is a common misconception. Comics books are just well-liked as they used to be but thereís just one difference: online comics are the new trend. This should come as no surprise. With the incredible rate at which the net is expanding itís only natural that digital comics should become the preferred genre for the newer generation and, in all honesty, web comics are more colorful, rich and vibrant than any printed picture could ever be.

If you are interested in online comics or if itís something youíd like to investigate further, youíve come to the right place. Tandra is a web comic that will draw you into a fantasy world like no other.


Tandra originated as a newspaper advertising promotion in 1973. From there it progressed to stand alone ink comics in paper booklets until it skyrocketed to where it is today. Full color weekly installments are posted on the website every Sunday and each current web comic can be viewed free of charge. If you find yourself completely absorbed in the current digital issue, you can sign up for membership at a low annual fee of $9.95. This small fee will give you access to the extensive back archives, so you can browse and read to your heartís content.

If you are obsessed with tales of heroes and gods and would like to access these stories on a platform like no other, web comics are definitely for you. You can use your PC to escape into a mystic world unlike any other. Tandra is a web comic that you wonít be able to stop reading.


Online comics are an ever growing popular story-telling medium. If you can download and read an e-book, why would a web comic be any different? The internet gives you access to so many interesting things and itís just so lucky that digital comics are a part of that.

If you have any comments or queries, simply send an email to or call 800-634-4050. The author and illustrator of Tandra will be more than happy to assist you in any way possible.