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Meet Yenny, a great new comic by David Alvarez.

Yenny is the best thing to appear in comics in years. That's Yenny on the left. That's Zacha below. This wonderful new strip with a cast of delightful characters appears daily and Sunday at Visit them today! Better yet, alert the editor of your local newspaper to this incredible new feature and share Yenny's adventures with your friends. Do it now!

Read the commentary below that Hanther wrote for Clear Channel radio web sites telling readers of the debut of Yenny!
All Yenny art copyright © David Alvarez Studio

Commentary by Hanther

I have known David Alvarez a couple years. It is not like we are inseparable buddies who hang out together. I have never met Dave in person. We are aware of each other over the internet. I first came to know David Alvarez when he sent a promotional e-mail proclaiming the virtues of his comics character Yenny. Following links in his e-mail, I had my first vision of Yenny, a cute cartoon female with absurdly big feet and shocking blue hair. At one time, cartoon strips featuring characters drawn with exaggerated physical features, say a big balloon of a nose and four digits rather than five on each hand, were known as big foot cartoons. There may be some kind of symbolic connection there with Yenny and her big feet. Aside from her big feet and blue hair, Yenny is an attractive cartoon female who appears to be about twenty-two years of age with aspirations of becoming a successful model. The problem is the size of her feet.

There are assorted supporting characters in the strip including her mother, Yunissa, a world traveler with a mysterious job, various boy friends including Jake who knows when to keep his mouth shut, Cheecaca, the worst child in the world who Yenny often baby-sits for extra cash, and other offbeat characters including a wiseacre pet iguana named Zacha. The cast of Yenny live and play in Villa Los Kubos, Puerto Rico. As is the case with any number of comics animals from Mickey Mouse through Daffy Duck, many of the animals in the Yenny feature talk and interact with the human characters almost as though they are also human.

Taking a quick glance at several of the Yenny samples supplied by the link, I was immediately a fan of David Alvarez and his feature. One of the sample strips that stands out in my memory is of Yenny walking bleary eyed into the bathroom and opening the mirror door over the sink only to have Zacha jump out at her. As Yenny screamed in horror and fainted dead away, Zacha grinned at the reader and revealed, I live for five-thirty in the morning!

While comparisons are odious, we do need some point of reference here, in style, one is reminded of the best of the classic Warner Brothers cartoons with Bugs Bunny, Road Runner and all. This is perhaps not surprising as creator David Alvarez has supported himself while attempting to launch his own feature by drawing the Warner Brothers characters for newsstand comic books. He has won several awards for his efforts. While one could find similarities with Yenny to the Warners cartoons, Yenny is in no way a copy of the Looney Tunes style. Yenny is a wonderful one of a kind original.

After having sampled Yenny, I wrote a favorable review of the feature for my newsletter and sent along a copy to David. His reply was prompt and very gracious. In the meanwhile, Yenny had become an ongoing feature for the web site Modern Tales where I saw it often. Every time I chanced to check up I was delighted with the strips and found them extremely funny. Then this past Tuesday I had a notice from David his strip has been picked up by a major syndicate for distribution. I was, of course, delighted with David for his success. At the first opportunity, I connected to to see the latest with Yenny and get an idea what is available. I discovered Yenny, as are any number of features at the site, is available by subscription to individual electronic mail boxes for the price of twelve bucks per year. Well, actually eleven ninety-five if you want to be nitpicky. This seems to me very reasonable for a grin and a chuckle and a laugh each day for a whole year. For those of you who are, like me, math challenged, the cost works out to a buck per month. Needless to say, I immediately signed up, or rather I tried.

Turns out, Yenny was not listed among the features available. Not to be discouraged, I picked up the phone and got on the wire to a sales rep at the number provided on the web page. I connected to a very nice sales lady of the name Jessica Moorman who assured me Yenny is indeed available for subscription at the advertised price and she would fix me right up. After a bit of credit card negotiation, I was all set to begin getting Yenny in my box every day for a year. The next question I had was to ask if Yenny is available for display on web sites other that Ucomics. The answer is a definite yes. I thought it might be fun to have Yenny on my site so as to alert my random visitors of a great new comics feature. As it happens, rates are a bit more expensive than I can spring for just now, so I had to decline the daily update for my site.

The next inquiry was to ask if Yenny is available for standard newspaper syndication to the local news sheet. The answer to that is also affirmative. You can have Yenny appear on the comics page of your local paper if you like and if you can convince your comics page editor to add Yenny to the other features currently running on the page. Comics being as they are these days, the upshot is likely to be that the editor is going to insist on taking out one of the comics that occupies the page to replace with Yenny. If your local paper comics page looks anything like mine, the comics panels currently residing there are stale and old not funny dinosaurs from the dawn of time. Their creators have long gone to that great retirement home in the sky and the strip that remains has not cracked a grin in years. If you want something fresh and new in your newspaper, something that will spark a laugh, something from an exciting young talent at the peak of his creativity, you should first check out Yenny at for yourself, then bug your local comics editor to add the strip. In the event your local editor is too old and stodgy to recognize a great new feature when he sees it, just go to ucomics yourself and subscribe. While this will do nothing for your friends and neighbors, you will have the pleasure of Yenny in your life every day for the next year. And when you subscribe, tell Dave hello for me.


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