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Tandra Page 1086, April 4, 2010

Posted on Monday 5th April 2010 05:00:00 AM

Tempest is...ah, different! She’s the first major new female character I’ve introduced in Tandra since, and I’m working from memory here, Tremaine. If some smarty reader e-mails with a note reminding me of another character that I have forg.. more ..

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Tandra Page 1085, Killer Diller Miller

Posted on Wednesday 31st March 2010 05:00:00 AM

So I’m watchin’ the “classic” Hollywood western “HIGH NOON” with Gary Cooper and Grace Kelly cos I wanna check out Grace Kelly, but what I’m doing is remembering why I’ve had this thing several years in my DVD library and have never once pu.. more ..

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Tandra Page 1085, March 28, 2010

Posted on Monday 29th March 2010 05:00:00 AM

This page is obviously inspired by the infamous “Cornhusker Kickback” from the recent Washington Health Regulation charade. While this nasty little episode made the news, no news source I saw felt it necessary to mention bribes for votes is.. more ..

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Tandra Page 1084, Galley Slaves

Posted on Thursday 25th March 2010 05:00:00 AM

It is said, when the President went out to observe the protesters who were in Washington to demand the “Healthcare” Bill should be killed, he laughed. He laughed in the same way and for exactly the same reason a terrorist bomber laughs view.. more ..

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Tandra Page 1084, March 21, 2010

Posted on Monday 22nd March 2010 05:00:00 AM

This week, the unfolding story that is Tandra Today appears less sci-fi fantasy and more in the form of late breaking headline news. I don’t mean the invasion fraud, of course. That is clearly a fictional plot device. But the lust driving t.. more ..

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Tandra Page 1083, March 14, 2010

Posted on Sunday 14th March 2010 06:00:00 AM

With this week’s page, Ares identifies the driving force of your standard garden variety Establishment Party Republicrat politician. No matter the platitudes and bromides that fall so freely from a politician’s lips, the primary ambition th.. more ..

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Tandra Page 1082, March 7, 2010

Posted on Sunday 7th March 2010 06:00:00 AM

There are advantages to learning to draw. One advantage is that artistic ability might get you out of a tight spot in which power mad politicians are planning to kill you, but don’t count on such convenient means of escape as a dependable g.. more ..

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