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Tandra Page 1005, October 12, 2008

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I read a message from a California resident who was in opposition of the Bailout Vote (That is the vote to provide for Washington Political Hacks, Insiders, Courtiers and Cronies). While information available affirmed fully two out of three American citizens are in opposition of the Bailout, this California resident received a letter from his Senator in Washington that confessed nine of the ten voters from her district who contacted her were in opposition and urged her to vote against it. Her reaction was to inform her voters she had been elected to a six year term the purpose of which allowed her vote as she pleased and the people who were foolish enough to elect her in the erroneous assumption she would act in their best interests could damn well go to hell!

Obviously, I have paraphrased the exact wording on the message from this California resident’s arrogant Senator, but the meaning and implication of her letter to her hapless constituent remains exactly as she expressed it.

I have been looking back over the early years of Tandra with the intent of making the pages available to interested fans in a personalized signed and numbered edition and I am fascinated with the extent to which this country has deteriorated to become more like the world Earthian David Galon first stepped onto way back in 1973

I claim no special insight. The direction in which our country was rushing with all deliberate speed was easily observable to any one who cared to look. Politicians were equally corrupt and generally as loathsome in 1793 as they are today. The only observable difference in the 1973 model politician and the ones most prominently on display as I type this is today’s politician is generally more blatant in his disregard of the people who elected him to office than was his 1973 counterpart. Enemies, both foreign and domestic, are more openly graphic of what they plan for us than were enemies thirty-five years ago. Politicians in undisguised contempt for American Ideals and virtues are much less secretive in their collusion with those who hate us. Those who conspire to alter elections in pursuit of their destructive agendas are more above board in their attempts at voter fraud than were their ideological brothers in 1973. Politics has been a dirty and deceptive business since it was conceived in ancient Greece, but the time is now here in America today when the actual vote of the American Citizen no longer has any measurable relevance to the political process. When I conceived of Tandra, I simply looked about and extrapolated a world some distance forward in time. Today that extrapolation has occurred in reality.

Certainly, not every detail of Tandra is available on display in American life today. There are no wind driven sail craft in the skies and no floating islands. Earth is not a hollow construct with advanced computer banks far beneath the surface to control the world and there is no Wizard Ring that was the high point of a technology giving a last gasp as it collapsed in upon itself. Rather than a Wizard Ring, we have an abandoned space exploration program and a few lonely human footprints left forever on the surface of the moon.

But this is not an essay of doom and gloom. David Galon made the conscious choice to remain on Tandra, even after he was rejected by the woman he loved not, as he said, because Tandra was a failed world, but because of the opportunity that failure offered to sweep aside the ashes of ruin and build afresh avoiding, in the second building, the errors that doomed the previous civilization.

On our world, a reader of Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged asked, “Where is John Galt now that we need him?” Another responded with one word, “Shrugging.”

But it is not Galt who is shrugging. It is Dan Conway. Dan Conway who fell victim to the “Anti-Dog Eat Dog” decision. Dan Conway who shrugged not as a way of conscious protest, but by simply giving up and walking away. Today on this Earth we are seeing thousands of Dan Conways. Theirs is not a conscious act of defiance. They are just too tired to fight any more. It is in their refusal to fight, their unwillingness to continue to support their enemiess they render their greatest service. The looters cannot survive without victims. Contrariwise, we can survive quite nicely without the parasites.

David Galon came to Tandra when the looters had lost their power and he began to rebuild on a world that was essentially a fresh new canvas and the looters had no power to stop him. If we allow the looters to starve, we shall have a new world upon which to build. Our refusal to help our destroyers survive will only hasten that happy day.

Next week; Tandra Page 1006 titled “A Woman’s Laughter.”

See ya then.

May the sun always shine on your parade.