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Tandra Page 1004, October 5, 2008

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Tandra has been, from the first releases, concerned with the real world. I simply hold up a mirror to reality, then add emphasis to one event and make more obvious the implications of another, dress the whole thing in sci-fi fantasy and serve the completed dish up for your amusement. Within the first year of Tandra, I challenged the virtue of The Sacrifice Syndrome. Not long after I made a critical examination of the accepted admonition it is our patriotic duty as good citizens to vote for the lesser evil in an election, even in the event the candidates served up by the political establishment are indistinguishable incompetent scoundrels.

Certification of the bankruptcy of this second admonition, that we as good citizens must dutifully vote for the lesser of the evils available has played itself out over the past week in Washington as out elected government openly defied the American Electorate and made a direct assault upon the foundation of civilization itself. Incompetent fools and calculating scoundrels, in rejection of the demands of those dutiful and loyal patriotic Americans who voted to put them in office, came to confront a crisis they had created by willful intent and passed a bill that will make the crisis worse by giving fools who openly admit they have not a clue total dictatorial control over the details of our daily lives.

A comparable situation is the brainless incompetent who declares his wish to be a brain surgeon while making the astonishing admission he does not have a clue upon which foot he should begin cutting!

“But we must do something!” our idiot President screamed. “Just think of the widows and orphans that will be harmed unless we act!” wept Congress.

One question; where were the lawmakers’ crocodile tears for widows and orphans while they were creating this disaster and stuffing their pockets with bribes from cronies grown obese from feeding at the public trough?

“That’s all very fine to preach about the mistakes of the past,” bureaucrats inevitably whine, “But this is here and now. The past is past. We must now deal with the condition as it is. We can’t simply throw up our hands and walk away!”

The fact is throwing up their hands and walking away is the only practical and moral thing government has the option for. Those poor “widows and orphans” bureaucrats weep for so theatrically can only be served should the political elite admit their incompetence and crawl back into the slime from which they emerged.

That will not happen. Bleeding hearts that insist past errors cannot be recalled and that the financial emergency demands more stringent measures without delay (even though they have not, in their infinite wisdom, any idea of what such measures might be) will continue to enact ever more draconian laws that will make worse the conditions under which the “widows and orphans” must struggle through their daily lives.

Be you absolutely certain, it is not the peril to the widows and orphans nor to the “Average American” that concerns our arrogant political elite. What concerns them to the exclusion of all else is the adulation of the well connected who continue to come offering bribes in exchange for special favors and extra considerations.

And the assault on civilization I so flippantly mentioned above?

Ask yourself as a curiosity, what you would do without money. I do not mean were you without a job and your savings were depleted. What would you do if money did not exist? What would you do if there was nothing you might use for a medium of exchange to obtain the food you require to survive? How would you live were you reduced to growing your own beans to exchange for your neighbor’s tomatoes. And, once the exchange was made, how would you preserve the tomatoes from going bad? That is essentially the purpose of money. From the most basic exchange of beans for tomatoes to the most complicated worldwide financial transaction, money provides stored value that will not rot on the shelf, but will remain of value until you require it.

That, my friends, was what the political elite in Washington were engaged in this past week. They were making a concentrated assault to destroy money (though to a man, they are too stupid to understand the meaning of their actions) and, by consequence, to bring down civilization.

Next week; Tandra Page 1005 titled “The Blinded Child.”

See ya then.

May the sun always shine on your parade.