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Tandra Page 1003, September 28, 2008

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This is the Issue: Why did Kenia, the cold hearted princess who went to Earth in search of a father of the child required by her political position, come to love Earthian David Galon. She should have, by rights, seduced him, fucked him and gone her happy way secure in the knowledge she carried the child she required.

There has been a conflict in Kenia since her first appearance. There has been the Kenia as reported above, the hard nosed bitch who seduced the Earthian to obtain the child her husband could not give her, but that she must of necessity have, if she and her king were to hold on to the throne. This is the Kenia who told Galon, upon their first meeting on Tandra, “Go away and if you ever again approach me, I shall have you executed”

The other Kenia, and the one who most concerns us now, is the Kenia who wept as she walked from Galon’s presence after having told him to stay forevermore out of her life. It is this second Kenia now in ascendancy that concerns us presently. It is this Kenia that confesses it is the part of Earthian Galon’s character that causes him to risk everything to save the life of a blind girl from a calculated murder she has identified in him and that causes her love to blossom forth now.

This is the definition of love. Love is a payment made to another in whom we recognize our highest ideals and aspirations. The fact that Kenia recognizes virtue in Galon and responds to it is irrefutable proof such qualities lie also within her. However much Kenia has allowed her better qualities to be covered over by political expediency, she has retained them at the core of her being. Her love for the Earthian has caused her to rediscover her better self and to change from the woman she believed she was required to be to the woman she should have been all along.

This woman still has miles to travel and decisions to make. Her transformation does not come in a twinkling. There has been too much corruption and too much compromise in her life. But she has recognized the light and embraced it. In all the days ahead she shall have to fight the darkness and failure that struggle to reclaim her, but I have every confidence in her abilities to make the best choices of the options available to her from now and forward.

You see, I always knew Kenia had many admirable qualities. It only required the proper inspiration for her to begin to live up to her potential.

Next week; Tandra Page 1004 titled “The Vow.”

See ya then.

May the sun always shine on your parade.