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Tandra Page 1002, September 21, 2008

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Her name is Shaikha and she made news in Saudi Arabia with a desperate act of rebellion. Shaikha drank a bottle of bleach in an attempted suicide as consequence that her father had made a deal to trade her in marriage to a seventy-five year old friend in return for marriage to the seventy-five year old friend’s thirteen year old daughter.

The only question that springs readily to mind is why such a minor event in Saudi Arabia would make news. Is it simply that the girl made an effort to avoid compliance with her father’s demands. Arranged marriages are common occurrences in Saudi Arabia and fathers who trade daughters are hardly worthy of news coverage. After all, under Sharia law which is Islamic Law or the Law of Muhammad, women are nothing more than property to be used and traded as men wish.

Would it be an incident worth news when an American dog owner decided to trade female dogs with a friend. Not bloody likely unless, of course, one of the dogs decided to eat rat poison rather than be traded. Now that, gentle reader, would rank as front page news! Probably even the New York Times would carry it. Certainly you could expect to see such an event on the cover of the National Inquirer!

Likely, this is the same consideration that brought Shaikha’s act of rebellion into the news. It was not that her father arranged to trade her in the manner of a sheep or a horse. Shaikha made news because she refused being traded as a dumb brute!

Islam is overburdened with examples of small and large abuses of women. Indeed such abuses are commonplace to the extent they are generally not worthy of comment. Such abuses only make the news when they are of such spectacular cruelty they come to the attention of Western observers, such as public stoning, hangings for the merest infraction and honour killings. In these cases, Westerners express outrage and indignation, but the Islamists are dumbfounded over all the fuss

“What is there to get upset about?” they wonder. They are only acting in compliance with Sharia Law.

I am on record elsewhere as insisting the worship of Kiliste on Tandra is not a portrayal of Islam under a different name. The worship of Kiliste is, in numerous ways, more repulsive than Islam, as we shall discover. But both ideologies are at root both savage and brutal and the differences are in degree and superficial display, not in the essentials of the system. Shaikha of Tandra would feel right at home under the directives and brutal demands of Islam.

Having introduced Shaikha into Tandra, I find I have fallen completely in love with her. I predict within the pages to come you will discover she has stolen your heart as well.

Next week; Tandra Page 1003 titled “Forest Search.”

See ya then.

May the sun always shine on your parade.