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Tandra Page 1000, September 7, 2008

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This time I did not forget the update for the new Tandra Page. This week my excuse is that I was rushed for time.

The problem I have with Tandra Pages is that I tend toward putting the most effort I can into making the pages the best my skills will allow. The unintended result of this failure on my part is that I take up the available time in adding to the quality of a given page whatever the time I have at hand will allow. This means other things I need to do, such as writing these Updates, get pushed aside until I realize I really need to take the time to write and post the relevant Update Page.

As it happens, I am presently writing the Update page for September 7, 2008, on Sunday, September 14, a full week after it is promised to post. I have stopped from adding colours to Tandra Page 1002 to write this page as I am looking to begin work on finishing the inking on Tandra Page 1005 at nine this morning, just over an hour from now. When I complete the inking on 1005, a task that should require something like two hours, Iíll begin pencils on Tandra Page 1006 and finish up before the day is complete. Then I will begin inking Tandra Page 1006 and continue until I decide to call it a day.

Sometime within this day I should find time to write the Update for Tandra Page 1001, which is the Tandra Page that is up this week.

Thatís how my schedule is running as of present. Of consequence, I have very little time for anything else save Tandra and the commercial jobs I take on but, to tell the honest truth, I am more enthusiastic of Tandra than I have ever been and I am having the time of my life.

Next week; Tandra Page 1000 titled ďHis Sisterís Keeper.Ē

See ya then.

May the sun always shine on your parade.