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Tandra Page 999, August 31, 2008

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“I thought I had hardened myself to acts of extreme cruelty.” These are the words of Kenia, the former Queen of Anglia. “You develop a certain detachment as the absolute ruler of an empire and learn to pay no heed to the pain of others, but I’ll hear that little girl screaming as she burned alive for the remainder of my years!’

Last week in this space I told again of the birth of the character Kenia and recapped briefly how she evolved from a high school age wish dream to a hardened political creature who might best be compared in ambition and single-minded purpose with Hillary Clinton, if we were to make for ourselves the task of finding her counterpart in the real world of twenty-first century Earth. Believe me when I tell you I do not make this comparison as a compliment to Kenia!

But there are certain preconditions demanded of a person possessed of the ambition to rule over others and it was required Kenia possess those special qualities were she to be believable as a queen who would retain her power in the face of increasing opposition. To use Hillary Clinton again for effect, Hillary would not likely have made it into the final running for Democratic Candidate for President had she virtues that make of her a nicer and more considerate person. The lust for and the holding on to power requires a certain dedication and single minded commitment.

Having made to you the point of emphasis that former queen Kenia is a character with many less than admirable qualities, in respect to basic humanity she stands head and shoulders above the present display of Western leaders in our century. Geotge W. Bush, Barack Hussein Obama, John McCain, Condi Rice and the afore mentioned Clintons gaze unmoved at the utter cruelty of savages around the world toward their enslaved peoples and shrug with complete lack of concern. “It’s just their culture,” insist those who clamor to lead us. “One culture is just as valid as any other. It is politically incorrect to champion Western Civilization over savages who exchange women as slaves and who use their children as expendable weapons of war.”

Over a billion human beings are shackled by a maggot infested ideology designed for the gratification of pedophiles, butchers and thieves, but morally blind Western front men see no problems with the dead end ideology of culturally bankrupt savages.

Not so, Queen Kenia of Anglia. When this Queen sees wanton cruelty displayed in all its depraved spectacle before her own eyes, she has the courage to recognize evil in its purest form and to identify it by its proper name.

And make you no mistake, this confrontation of Kenia and the careless expenditure of a live child will create a major change in the direction of her life, a change we shall see on display at the initiation of the second thousand Tandra pages.

It is often said one man can make a difference in the course of human history, but those who so claim are generally hard pressed to come up with specific examples to justify their declarations. Let me suggest such an example of one with which no one should find cause to disagree. We are all aware of the Three Hundred who held back the Persians numbering some two hundred thousand at Thermopylae on September 17 - 19,480 BC. The exact numbers on either side have come under revisionist attack with the numbers of Persians continuously downgraded, with the excuse there were no accommodations for supplying an army of great size in those days, and the insistence the Spartans actually had more men with them than the bare 300 of fame. The essentials that remain uncontested concede the Spartans were greatly outnumbered and fought three days to hold the invaders back until the last Spartan warrior had died fighting.

However, the facts of Thermopylae hinge on the single consideration. The Spartan warriors at Thermopylae who held back the invading Persians were there because of one man, King Leonidas. The Three Hundred were his personal guard. Had Leonidas made the choice not to defend Greece against the invading Persians at Thermopylae, we in the West would count totalitarian Persia as the root of our culture rather than the representative governments of Greece.

One single person with the courage of their convictions can indeed make an essential difference in the course of human events. In the chance you begin to be cynical as the second thousand Tandra Pages are released and you say to yourself, “A single person, not even a queen, can have such an impact on the order of the world. Tandra is, after all is said and done, simply fantasy make believe. One person doesn’t change the world in real life Earth. Shame on you for your cynicism and remember what one man did in 480 BC. King Leonidas was one man who changed our world!

Next week; Tandra Page 1000 titled “Blackened Remains.”

See ya then.

May the sun always shine on your parade.