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Tandra Page 997, August 17, 2008

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This page revealed what actually happened to Tremaine. Now Dragonrok has before him a classic quest. He must return to Tandra (He needed off Earth in any case) in search of his lost love. In some ways he will travel the path of his father as portrayed in the early pages of Tandra, but there will be complications and delays. Though I have suggested Tremaine may still be alive, it is not certain at this point that she does in fact still live. Ares, the original Greek version of the god the Romans adopted and chose to call Mars while providing a different personality is not the noble warrior of the later version. Put bluntly, Ares is a disgusting and stinking coward with no redeeming social value. The other gods of Olympias do not like him and with good reason. As Tremaine is in his power, her safety is in no wise assured.

As should be obvious from the final panel displayed here, the story of Rok’s quest shall have to wait for another day. There are more immediate concerns afloat.

You will notice this Update comes not so late as the Update for the previous page. I did not have another attack of senility this time. What is going on is I continue to put as much effort into each page as possible and I had some concern I would be late finishing up colours for the page that goes on line today. This is Friday, August 22 as I type this and I have just completed colours for Tandra Page 998. In consequence, I remained at the task of adding colours to Tandra 998 until completed. Now, with a couple of hours to spare before I am scheduled to meet a commercial client to discuss a non-Tandra assignment, I am preparing the Update for last week. Bottom line is I am slowly getting back up to speed with completing each page with a greater safety margin than has been recently the case.

I am rather pleased with the state of Tandra these days. I am meeting the self assigned deadlines and am able to add more quality to the individual pages. It is a direction I plan to continue and I believe you will be pleased with the Tandra Pages each week.

Next week; Tandra Page 998 titled “Child Of Fire.”

See ya then.

May the sun always shine on your parade.