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Tandra Page 996, August 10, 2008

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Oops! So, in addition to brain dead, I have apparently fallen to senility. I am getting old before my time!

Here’s the skinny. Those of you who were looking to see last week’s What’s New posting, this is it a week late. It did not go up last week because I simply forgot to post it. The excuse is this, I am completely taken with the developments in the Weekly Tandra Pages and I am putting extra effort into the pages to make them the best possible so that I have very little time for other things. I had it in my head to write the What’s New update soon as I had finished last week’s page and had sent it off to go on the site. Then I could not wait to begin the new page and I forgot all about the What’s New post. As a famous authority used to say, “Sorry about that!”

As to the post I planned for Tandra Page 996, here ‘tis: It is no secret my very favourite movie of all time is “El Cid”. To my mind this movie has everything a great movie should including a great hero, a beautiful lady, vile bad guys and a near perfect ending. As I saw it in theatrical release in the early sixties, I remember the opening of part two just after intermission. In those far away days, extra long movies had a break in the middle in which the audience could go smoke a cigarette, go stand in line for the john, or preferably buy more pop corn at the concession. Then music began to play and the audience knew it was time to go back inside and watch the remainder of the movie.

I remembered “El Cid” opened part two with big heavy doors that burst inward and El Cid (Charlton Heston) stood there filling the screen. He made the long walk to the King of Spain where he fell on his face in a show of submission to the king. I had not much sympathy with the show of submission, but I loved the pushing those big doors in and the walk to the king as the whole court looked on. I wanted to use it myself some day.

When “El Cid” came out on DVD recently, it turned out my memory was a bit in error. That scene did not play exactly as in my memory. I prefer the version in my memory.

In ant case, Tandra Page 996 is inspired by my memory of “El Cid”. I did not use the doors as Olympia had not much need of big heavy doors. In place of the doors, I placed a guard. The fall of submission is also omitted. Dragonrok is not much on submission.

So now you know where my ideas originate and how I adapt them.

Next week; Tandra Page 997 titled “The Fate Of Tremaine.”

See ya then.

May the sun always shine on your parade.