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Tandra Page 995, August 3, 2008

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I should most properly title this Update “Brain Dead”, or “Stupidity Central”, or something of similar descriptive nature. Ya see, I abandoned my commercial advertising work just before noon this Friday past to start final work on next week’s page. This page, Tandra Page 995, was complete and posted. First off, I completed cleaning “dirt” off page 996 in Photoshop. What happens is, when ya scan in a page, the scanner picks up dust particles and tiny foreign matter that doesn’t really add anything positive to the illustrations. So I double size the page on monitor and take the offending artifacts out. Then the page is ready to import to Freehand where the colour is added.

Yes, I know Freehand is obsolete and no longer in production since Adobe bought the company to get Flash and Dreamweaver and Adobe already had the market giant Illustrator so they really had no need for Freehand. But the fact is Freehand has features not incorporated into Illustrator that I prefer, so I use the final release of Freehand and am quite happy doing so.

But back to the adventure at hand. The way I create a new Tandra file is to open the last page and “Save As” to change the number on the page. In such manner, I have all the settings from the previous page and I only need make adjustments for the new page such as import the new bitmap, type in the new copy and create new colours. The previous page is saved as it was finished and I am off and running with the new page and I don’t have to create the stuff on the page that remains the same as last time such as title, banner icons, copyright notice and all such stuff. This is pretty much standard procedure with computer page creation. You don’t create again the work you already have.

The critical part of this procedure is remembering to use the “Save As” button so as not to erase or “write over” the previous finished and saved file. You can see where this is going, can’t you? Right. I began to make changes for next week’s page and did not hit the “Save As” button. The sad part is I remember telling myself distinctly on two separate and individual occasions I should hit the “Save As” button and passed up the chance. Soon as I hit the “Save” button, I knew I was screwed. Isn’t it odd how you know immediately when you’ve made a really dumb mistake?

It so happens, nothing is lost except the colours. The words are saved on the pages where I type out the script to begin with and only need to be re-imported. The bitmap is saved in another folder and is only linked to the Freehand page in any case. Reestablishing the link is a matter if clicking the button. What is completely lost and has to be recreated is the colour layer. That involves several hours of work.

There is still the possibility I can import the PDF file as posted at Tandra dot Com or simply recreate a PDF from the postscript file I originally created and get the vector colour layer back. I’ll have to try it when I get access to a computer that has Illustrator installed. Otherwise, it’s about six hours of work to recreate the colour.

I think it was John Wayne who said, “Life is tough, but it’s tougher if your stupid!”

As to Tandra Page 995, which is the page that is the proper topic for this update, it turns out Tremaine is apparently not dead after all. Isn’t that so typically “comic book”? Happens all the time. And after I made a scout’s honor commitment that other comics writers may kill off characters as of routine, only to bring them back next week, but I am above such irresponsible behavior. Well, mostly yes. I am. I have only resurrected one Tandra character previously from the dead. This was Samaelayia long years ago and her revival from the dead was because of popular demand. It still would not have happened had I not thought of a cool story to make it possible.

The resurrection of Tremaine was planned from long before I had her “killed” by the Muhammadans last year by stoning. I had never planned for her to be actually dead.

Part of the reason I made the plot choice to have Tremaine appear dead is for the effect on Dragonrok. Some people adjust to disappointment in life by crawling into a bottle. This is the path Dragonrok chose. He needed to learn a lesson and I think he has. We shall never again see Dragonrok drowning his troubles in liquor. He has grown past that. From this point forward he will adjust to adversity in a more mature manner. Dragonrok has grown up.

Next week; Tandra Page 996 titled “Home Of The Gods.”

See ya then.

May the sun always shine on your parade.