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Tandra Page 993, July 20, 2008

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We just brought another Tandra Partner on board. This new partner has promised to help get the word out to those who remain out of the loop on Tandra and transform out feature from the Greatest Site You Never Heard Of into the Site Everyone Is Talking About. This will likely mean more work for me. Pretty much everything that happens on Tandra Dot Com does, but I was planning to give up on sleeping in any case and this will be a convenient excuse to begin avoiding my bed on a regular basis. What the heck! I can always sleep after I知 dead. There will be plenty of sack time then.

In the meantime, I知 brushing up on my public image and trying to remember the cool answers to the predictable questions people who interview you always ask. Maybe I値l think up some new answers to the old questions, or possibly one of the interview people will ask a question I have not heard before and I値l have to be quick on my feet and think of something new to say. In any event, it will be interesting getting back to making public appearances. The quiet life out in the sticks is nice, but occasional contact with the hustle and bustle of big cities always helps me appreciate the trees and shade and fresh air of my own personal piece of the world.

Soon as I know where I値l be going public and when, I値l be certain to let you know.

Next week; Tandra Page 994 titled 徹fficial Questions.

See ya then.

May the sun always shine on your parade.