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Tandra Page 992, July 13, 2008

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Coming up in two months is the one year anniversary for the on line weekly Tandra feature. Except for a couple of computer errors, we have not missed a week of having the pages posted on schedule. If my memory is not at fault, one of the failures occurred when my Tech Ghod was distracted with personal business and failed to post the page until I phoned to remind him on Saturday. I don’t consider that a failing in the strict sense as the official update is promised for Sunday. The Friday post is just a safety factor in the event there is an unavoidable disaster and we need time to correct the problem. The other apparent error was the weekend I was so busy I did not check the site myself until Monday when I went to the Tandra Home Page and discovered the previous week’s Tandra Update was still on display. In that event, it happened the new page had been posted in the Members’ Section on schedule, but there had been an error in updating the Home Page.

So, bottom line remains that, from a technical perspective and not considering the computer lapses, we have maintained our commitment to provide you with new Tandra every week for going onto a year. More to the point, from a personal perspective, I have had the pages completed and ready for posting every week flat. That means I don’t need to make blame to the computer that pages were not ready to post. They were there without fail. That is something of a personal victory in that I was not certain when we began posting the pages ten months ago I could maintain my committed schedule what with the commercial projects I am committed to. That is not to say Tandra is not commercial. It is! But at this point Tandra is still not commercial enough, though we are getting there.

In celebration of our approaching one year timemark, we will be sending out several publicity press releases to the appropriate media outlets over the next several weeks just to remind those few folks who have not recently heard of us we still produce the most fascinating adventure series on the planet!

Next week; Tandra Page 993 titled “Blood On The Walls.”

See ya then.

May the sun always shine on your parade.