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Tandra Page 991, July 6, 2008

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This week Iíd like to tell you about two men.

Itís no secret I do commercial work aside from Tandra. (Hint, more of you should subscribe and buy Tandra products so as to allow me to devote more time to this site and stop wasting time with outside projects that pay more.) Last week I was making an appointment with a client who manufactures signs locally. He has a nice business and employs near to a hundred people. His company markets signs all over the United States though his operations are mostly concentrated in the Southeast.

Cutting to the chase, this man was complaining his business is off and he is hoping to hold on until times improve. Itís the economy, he complained. He is placing his chances for better business with a change in the administration in Washington. If the new guys come into the White House, possibly the economy will pick up and his business will improve of consequence. In the meantime, he plans to hunker down and ride out the Hard Times.

I have noticed several of my clients pulling back in the past six months. I give credit to the news media. In retrospect, I remember I have heard nothing out of the Main Stream Media but ďRecession Is Upon Us!Ē Hard Times have come! If you are foolish enough to believe what the MSM tells you, then a good number of business people will start holding off on their plans for growth. After all, you canít expect to grow your business in Hard Times.

I met another man later in the week. Iíve known him for years, but have not seen him since 2000 or so. I asked how things are going for him. He said things are great! He has a sign company. Unlike the man above, this man has billboards along the highway that he rents out to advertisers. This man has a single employee which is himself. He has an office about the size of a walk in closet with a desk and a chair. He rents a warehouse across town to where his supplies are delivered. He subcontracts out all his work to the people who do what he requires. The people who work for him are not concerned with the cost of gas for driving to work, they set their own work schedules and this second man does not have the expense of providing office space for them. He does not tell his workers how to dress or how to conduct their personal lives. He has one person who does work for him who lives in Arizona and that he has never met. He tells me he is not his workersí mother, he is the man who pays them to do a job. So long as they deliver work in a timely manner, how they go about their work is not his concern.

This man does his communication by internet and phone. Some of the big and established sign companies with their bought and paid for politicians are passing laws to try to hamper him, but their business models are so much yesterday they donít even know where he is coming from. He told me his business doubled last year and looks to do even better this year. If this is Hard Times, he hopes it continues another ten years. By then he will own the world!

Two men living in the same world and in the same economy. One of them waiting on Washington bureaucrats to save their faltering business and the other making his own success. Which business model do you think has the best chance for success?

Next week; Tandra Page 992 titled ďThe Nine Year Old Bride.Ē

See ya then.

May the sun always shine on your parade.