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Tandra Page 990, June 29, 2008

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After posting the Update for Tandra Page 989 so late in the week last time, I’m attempting to do better this week and will put this page up on Sunday morning, the same day as the official post date for the Tandra Page to which this Update refers.

After a visit of several months on Tandra (Tandra is, after all, the name of this feature.), I am returning briefly to Earth where we left friend Dragonrok going about the bloody business of taking out the people and infrastructure that had inspired directly the kidnapping and murder of Tremaine. With the first rage of the vendetta past, Rok is in Lebanon where he has retreated with a Jewish boy. This is the boy we caught a shadowed glimpse of from Tandra Page 965. I don’t know, as I type this, when or how I will get around to putting forth some of the background information on the boy, but Rok came upon him at peril from some Jew haters in Iraq and dispatched the boy’s tormentors in Rok’s customarily efficient manner. In return, as his immediate family had been recently murdered, the boy joined with Rok and served as translator as well as assistant to Rok in locating targets for his campaign.

As the campaign of revenge wore down, the boy suggested a retreat to Lebanon where there was an uncle to put them up. This is where we rejoin the two of them and continue with the story. My intent is to have Rok return to Tandra quickly as possible as I have not much interest in continuing to relate Earthside tales.

There are some who will accuse me of more Islamophobia in the portrayal of the Muhammadans (an archaic reference, but one that is more accurate as, regardless of what the Muslims insist, their actions indicate it is Muhammad who factually is the god they reverence while Allah is simply a tacked on servant and enforcer for the Muhammadans’ agenda.) in their lust for a nine year old girl. Those inclined toward accusations of Islamophobia should do their homework before letting fly such Politically Correct accusations. It was only this year there were news reports from Iraq of Christians fleeing that country to escape the Mujahideen who were demanding their daughters in marriage as price for allowing the Christians to continue to live. The references to Jew Hatred were examined here last week and need no further elaboration. In any event, the hatred of Jews is a fundamental component of Islam and has been since Muhammad. More over, Muhammad is reported to have wed his favourite wife, Aisha, when she was only six years old, then used her for a masturbation toy until she was nine and had developed to the point where it was possible to have proper sex with her, called consummation of the marriage.

Present day Muhammadans, embarrassed by Muhammad’s blatant podophylia preferences, have insisted the reports of Aisha’s youth at the time of her marriage to Muhammad are in error or, more properly, an outright fabrication made by enemies of Islam with the intention of heaping scorn upon the Prophet. However, the written records of Aisha’s youth at the time she was married to Muhammad originate with the earliest writings about the Prophet, records Muhammadans accept as fact. There are, in truth, no other writings about Muhammad from the time to reveal anything other than this disgusting character of the man. (I have previously mentioned there is actually no conclusive evidence that a historical person such as Muhammad ever lived in fact, or leastways one as portrayed in Islamic holy texts, but that is another discussion.) Modern day Muslim authorities have insisted, with Islam’s blessing, it is permissible for a man to “marry” a woman who is so young she still feeds at her mother’s breast and to use her in any sexual way he may imagine except he should not have traditional sex with her. However, those same authorities add, should the pervert become overly excited with lust and consummate the marriage, it is no big deal and he should pass no time in feeling guilty for his indiscretion.

Simply stated, Islam is a male dominated ideology in which women are of no consideration. The Islamic afterlife of a second rate brothel provided with an inexhaustible supply of wine and food and with 72 renewable virgins is clearly not a woman’s wet dream. Modern Muhammadans, asked about women in paradise, have attempted to revise the male fantasy to include a woman’s version, but it is an empty thing obviously cobbled together in haste and with little thought. When asked about how his wives might fit into this afterlife brothel-in-the-sky fantasy, a Muhammadan replied though he loves his wives, he also loves his racing horses, but he would no more consider taking his wives to paradise than he would take his horses.

So it becomes apparent the Islamist, the Muslim who accepts the ideology of Muhammad as handed down without corruption, considers women as less that human. They are creatures like goats and horses placed on Earth to serve his amusement and their purpose can be no greater than that a man grants them. Thus, if a man wishes to “marry” a suckling babe and take her use as a sex toy, he is only following in the hallowed footsteps of the Prophet Muhammad, May Piss Be Upon Him.

Next week; Tandra Page 991 titled “Brutal Assault.”

See ya then.

May the sun always shine on your parade.