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Tandra Page 989, June 22, 2008

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This Update, indicated to accompany the page from last weekend, is coming on line later than normal. I don’t have a commitment to post these comments at a given date, though logic suggests they should come on line at more or less the same time as the pages to which they make comment. But I have an excuse, and doesn’t everyone always? My excuse hinges on the consideration that I find myself with several days of unaccounted for time which gives me more space to work on Tandra than I would have normally. In preparation, I was busy with finalizing colours for the page to post this coming weekend (Page 990) and also clearing out several bits and pieces of hold over commercial projects so that I would have Tandra and only Tandra to work on the next five days. The upshot is I was able to finish the commercial work and to deliver Page 990 into my tech baby sitter’s hands yesterday (Tuesday) as I was within physical distance to do so. This also meant I did not take the time out to write this update.

Now, on Wednesday morning, I have finished assembly on the bitmap for the next page (Tandra Page 991 to go on line for July 6) and am ready to add the colours within the next couple days. I plan to finish up the inking for Tandra Page 993 soon as this is posted and begin pencils on Tandra Page 994. Then we shall see how far I can get before I am scheduled to meet one of my commercial clients come ten o’clock on Monday morning.

All of which brings me back to the Tandra Page I am supposed to be making comment about. This is another of those pages in which I put in a personal appearance along with Linc Barintine. For those of you who have not read the available ink on paper Tandra adventures (and shame on you if you have not! They are to be had from our store on line.), Linc is another Earthian who passed some time on Tandra, though with less spectacular results. Rather than, like David Galon and his friends who made major changes in Tandra’s social arrangements, Linc just was able to survive which, for those who happen to fall into Tandra, is no small accomplishment!

While on Tandra, Linc met and fell in love with Tremaine. Unfortunately (or possibly to Linc’s good fortune considering Tremaine’s character) Linc was unable to get Tremaine to notice him. Don’t you just hate when you have your eyes on the hottest chick in your class and she can’t see you for the reigning Football Jock? In the half dozen Tandra pages that are scripted but not yet drawn, Linc Barintine had expressed his intent of following Tremaine and Dragonrok back to Tandra. Obviously, as detailed in the first of the Weekly Tandra on line pages, that scheme did not quite work out in the manner Linc had foreseen. However, there is news and Linc, like most of my friends who are no place in sight until they suddenly need my specialized assistance in some form or another, suddenly has a burning desire to again see me and ask my assistance. There will be a few weeks until we discover what has so inspired Linc to rush into my studio unannounced. Couldn’t he have just phoned first?

Another point touched on here is the pathological hatred of Jews. It is seriously something I have never been able to get my head around. Recently an article in the on line blog Atlas Shrugs2000 gave me some insight into Jew Hatred. Turns out it is nothing so much as Jew Envy. First off, from the time of Alexander and the Roman Empire that followed quickly on its heels, Jews have held strictly to their identity. Jews may be a conquered people, but they hold stubbornly to their laws and their life style. Of all the peoples Rome conquered, most were happy enough to assimilate and become Romans not discernibly different from other Roman citizens. Jews remained stubbornly Jews and refused to accept the Roman culture and the Roman gods. It should be considered the Roman gods of Jupiter and family were plagiarized directly from the Greek Zeus and family with a few modifications, but these were mostly just a public and political face. The Romans themselves had their true gods they worshipped and simply added Jupiter and company to their list of gods. Other peoples practiced the same tradition of simply adding the official Roman gods to the local and personal gods they already worshipped. Not the Jews! Their God insisted “Thou shalt have no other Gods before me!” and the Jews would not recognize the Roman gods nor, by implication, the Roman political culture. Jews were separate and apart and prided themselves on that apartness.

The other issue with Jews is they handled money when the rest of European society considered the lending of money for profit a horrible crime. When a good European Christian needed to borrow money, he went to the Jew because the Jew handled money, but the Christian still hated him for providing the service the Christian required. So, as Jews functioned as Europe's banking system of sorts and some Jews grew wealthy from their banking services, non-Jews decided Jews controlled everything and were involved in a Zionist Conspiracy against everyone else. Jew Hatred came in the end to simple Jew Envy, the same irrational envy we see directed today toward the rich, be they Jew or non-Jew. Most people consider it a sin to be wealthy and believe Jews are the most wicked because they do not shrink from the understanding and use of money.

Next week; Tandra Page 990 titled “Extortion Demands.”

See ya then.

May the sun always shine on your parade.