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Tandra Page 988, June 15, 2008

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The page this week is the last page created from a negative. Oddly enough, after several weeks of attempting to get a better quality shot of the pages from the local printer and getting in place excuses as to why he is suddenly unable to provide up to standard that was pretty much routine a few months back and making the decision to purchase an expensive wide format scanner for myself, the final two pages (last week and this) were up to perfection. Go figure. No, it was not that I made the threat to buy the scanner and stop bringing in pages. I did not mention I had decided on the new scanner until I went to pick up these last two pages. In any case, there were no harsh words of parting. These people have done good work for me near on a quarter century, since the first publication of Tandra way back in 1973, so I owe them much (and have paid them much over the years, for that matter).

In any event, buying my own scanner makes business sense, though it puts me in hock up to my eyeballs for the short run. I figured up cost and I have paid more to have my pages shot for negatives over the time I have been doing Tandra than the wide format scanner will cost. I shoulda done this long ago, only they weren’t making scanners that long ago. In any event, I’m scanning in pages one page at a time on my table top scanner and assembling finished pages in Photoshop until the new equipment is set up. I’ll letcha know how it goes next yime.

Next week; Tandra Page 989 titled “Request Most Urgent.”

See ya then.

May the sun always shine on your parade.