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Tandra Page 986, June 1, 2008

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Way back on Tandra Page 280 (which is available for download in the Members’ Section for Tandra Brigadiers in good standing) Earthian David Galon inquired of Queen Kenia why she ever hung a gawdawful name like Dragonrok on the their son.

“You could have,” Galon complained, “named the kid Joe or Tommy or Philip or even David. David’s a good name for a kid. Why’d you name him Dragonrok.

Somewhat offended by her former lover’s attitude, the Queen replied, “I didn’t want to give him a name that was exotic or unusual. I chose a respectable and traditional name he could wear with pride. Dragonrok was my father’s name.”

What the Queen did not tell Galon at the time, though she could have, is that Dragonrok is the most famous and respected name in the history of Tandra. There have been many rulers who have worn the name Dragonrok and many more who held the name for their personal use though they never achieved the crown. Our Dragonrok, the son of Earthian Galon and Tandrian Kenia is one of the few to have Dragonrok as both his birth name as well as his name of honour when he sat the Dragon Throne of Anglia.

This Tandra Page, number 986, is possibly the most important page of the Tandra canon. It brings together so many threads of a sprawling story line and answers numerous questions concerning how Tandra came to be the world Earthian David Galon discovered so long ago. This series of pages, Tandra Pages 984 thru 987, is the second set of Tandra Pages in which Kenia sets down the history of Tandra and describes how things came to be. The previous set of pages were Tandra Pages 272 thru 277 (also available for download from the Members’ Section).

As I have reminded readers before when these pages are under discussion, the pages here reveal the back story of Tandra as related by the former Queen of a fallen empire and, of consequence, are filtered through her perceptions and her prejudices. Other narrators might tell the same story with different emphasis or colouring. Which is not to say everything you read is total fabrication from whole cloth with no relationship to the truth, but the story as it has come down to Queen Kenia has bias and opinion as fact, in the same manner as any history.

I hope you will enjoy the Summer soon to be upon us and remember Tandra is one location you can visit without worrying about the cost of gasoline!

Next week; Tandra Page 987 titled “Dragonrok The Great.”

See ya then.

May the sun always shine on your parade.