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Tandra Page 985, May 25, 2008

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First some unfinished business; Some of you probably checked into our Home Page last weekend and saw the page had not been updated and you said “Drat! Hanther’s screwed up again!” I was busy last weekend as is my routine, and I’ll get to the details later, so I did not check the Home Page until I was posting the weekly update on Monday morning. It was then I saw the page was not updated and said, “Drat! My Tech Ghod has screwed up again!” I even knocked out a paragraph of apology to add to the update. When I saw my Tech Ghod as is routine about mid morning, I made a few sarcastic comments about him getting lost in Shiloh again. (Inside joke) He acted surprised at my sarcasm and assured me the new page was posted as routine for the previous Friday. So I checked the Members’ Section and found the new page in place as it should have been. The story is everything was posted as required, but the Home Page posting did not take for some reason, most probably due to Tech Ghod error. This sort of error has happened before, only I caught it the next day and not three days later.

In any event, I mumbled some apology for my sarcasm and removed the notice of update failure and my apology. Next time I verify the new page is properly posted, I’ll go to the Members’ Section to see if the new page is factually there. For those of you who saw the apology while it was up, now you know what it was all about.

As I wrote above, I was busy last weekend with cleaning up and colouring the page from a spectacularly poor quality bitmap image of page 985 for this week. Those who look closely at the image, especially in the pdf version, can see where many ink lines are dropped out. The same is true in lesser degree for the page to be posted next week, but I have solved the problem to some degree by scanning and pasting the first two panels and part of panel five from the original art. This low quality bitmap image has been a recurring problem over the past six weeks and occasionally as far back as last Fall. A panel from Tandra Page 964 required part of the image from panel 4 be rescanned.

Consultation with the local printer who shoots my art to an image small enough I can scan it into my computer results with something along the lines of, “Gee, I don’t know what I can do about the poor quality because I have no idea what is causing it!” That translates to me in a reply that says these prople don’t wish to be bothered with my business. Not to put too fine a point on it, but I have operated the camera at this company in years past and I know exactly what the problem is. The guy shooting the art does not wish to be bothered to take the extra effort required to do a quality shoot. This is a definite change of policy from times past when this small company was the best printing company in the area.

The upshoot is I am in the market for a wide format scanner. A scanner of this type is no small investment, but I have been needing ti purchase one for some time. In dollars and cents, I have paid for a large format scanner several times over as I outsource my originals to have other companies shoot reduced images I can import into my computer.

Another issue is that I can never properly scan an image that is properly straight on the page. Certainly I can position the image as straight as possible on the nine inch by fourteen inch table scanner, then refine the rotation in Photoshop, but the rotation creates some noise (Undesirable artifacts) in the image line. So a wide format scanner makes economic sense for several reasons, even though the initial investment is not pleasant to contemplate.

While my Tech Ghod is looking to make the best deal for a scanner, I shall be scanning Tandra Pages in one panel at a shot. This pretty much removes the six panel page as an option as the standard small scanner will only scan one panel of the nine panel page size. If I want a double size panel, I shall need to piece two halves together in Photoshop. It’s a workaround until we get the larger scanner, but I have just completed assembly of Tandra Page 986 using the new assembly method and I think you will see a difference in a cleaner image as early as next week. Don’t fail to keep our appointment, ya hear? I’ll make certain my Tech Ghod, otherwise known locally as my computer baby sitter, has all the updates posted properly.

Next week; Tandra Page 986 titled “The Liberator.”

See ya then.

May the sun always shine on your parade.