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Tandra Page 982, May 4, 2008

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Mister Hanther,

I have been an admirer of your excellent work for a long time, since the 4th issue of Critter. So you see I go back some. As a fan, I have hesitated to write, though it has been obvious from the first few pages of your new story arc the new direction you are taking the characters I love so much. Over the span of years, you have been original and creative in both art and story, often going boldly where other comics artists hesitate to tread and I have admired you for daring to explore issues in Tandra not to be found in corporate controlled strips. That said, I must express my sadness and disappointment at the recent direction your weekly updates suggest you have decided upon.

I refer, of course, to your paranoid Islamophobic story line as most recently emphasized with page 981 and posted for April 27. I don’t know who or what has caused you to take this position or to graft onto your Tandra Universe a series of pages that changes an enjoyable adventure story with excellent art and interesting characters into a hateful propaganda vehicle. May I respectfully submit the sort of hate mongering against one of the world’s respected religions which has over a million faithful devoted members has no place in Tandra.

I should assure you I am not a Muslim myself, but I take some pride that I am able to respect the beliefs of others even to those of whose beliefs I do not share. Though I am not Muslim, I am not writing to you from complete ignorance. I have studied Islam rather extensively and have attended services with a Muslim friend of mine and I can assure you neither the services I attended nor my friend are even remotely as you suggest in your misguided Tandra pages.

It is with sincere regret I must tell you my admiration for you and your work has fallen off and I may check back with your site on occasion to see if you have abandoned your terrible affliction of Islamophobia, but life is short and I shall probably invest my future leisure time with activities that do not seek to insult my sense of fairness to a peaceful religion that holds the loyalty of a large percentage of the people of the world.

In closing, I beg you to investigate the true Islam and abandon your story line of hate to return to the type of adventures your loyal fans deserve.

A former fan who still admires your earlier work,

Sid in North Carolina.

Well, Sid, thank you so much for taking the time to contact me with your concerns over the direction taken in the currently released Tandra Adventures. I can honestly appreciate your point of view. Unfortunately, official and fundamental orthodox Islam happens not to share your view on the Religion of Peace. No less authority on True Islam than Former President Jimmy Carter’s protege, the Ayatollah Khomeini, insisted there is no peace in Islam. Islam is an ideology of world domination and there can be no peace until all nations and every man worships only Allah. The Prophet Muhammad himself is reported to have instructed Muslims to offer unto everyone in this order; conversion to Islam, if conversion is rejected then submission to slavery, if submission is rejected then fight or be killed. So goes the ground rules for Islam as laid out by Islamic Authorities and not as invented by Islamophobic paranoid propaganda peddlers.

It is nice you have a friend who is Muslim, but there are two possibilities for your friend. If he is the true friend you believe, he is a hypocrite and Allah hates hypocrites almost as much as Allah hates Jews. The other possibility is your friend is lying to you about Islam. “War is deceit,” said Muhammad. It is demanded of Muslims they lie to infidels about the true nature and purpose of Islam. These are not paranoid delusions created by Islamophobic hate mongers. This is the Islamic agenda as laid out by fundamental Muhammadans in declarations to their own true believers. Ignore the man who explains honestly to his disciples what he plans for you at your own peril.

You imply some pride in your tolerance for an ideology you do not believe in. I can assure you, as proclaimed from the mouths of Islamist leaders, that tolerance is not returned. My greatest hope is that you may never have occasion to learn by force your benign tolerance of Islam is misplaced.

Next week; Tandra Page 983 titled “Ancient Peril.”

See ya then.

May the sun always shine on your parade.