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Tandra Page 978, April 6, 2008

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Point made; Galon in his new incarnation is very good at bedroom games, and Kenia is enthusiastically up to the task of keeping him interested. It is not, however, my intention to make of Galon James Bond nor, for that matter, Hugh Hefner of Playboy Bunny fame. I simply mean to show he is sexually enthusiastic and knows how to take pleasure with a woman who returns his interests. I also thought it humorous to show Galon could be interrupted in his games, go out and beat the shit out of people who plan him harm, then return to the lady and pick up where he left off with no loss of intensity. I’ll do a variation on this theme next week as a prelude to the Big Adventure,

And, speaking of the “Big Adventure”, you must certainly have seen the Dragon movie displayed on the Members Entrance Page. We wanted to get it up to build anticipation for the coming of the dragons, but it is still a work in progress. I’ve noticed the audio track doesn’t always play correctly when you open the page. Suggestion is you reload the page for better results. The movie normally plays better the second time.

“Birthed in Blood!
Tempered by Flame!
Linked Forever!
The Dragons Are Coming!”
Beginning May 18!

Don’t miss out!

I had an E-mail from a Tandra reader who has noticed several pages are missing from the Tandra illo-epic cycle. These are Tandra Pages 941 thru 948 and he is curious to know the reason they are not available.

Fair enough inquiry. The answer, funnily enough, is they have not been drawn. I have them scripted, to be sure. But I have not put pencil to paper. For those who just can’t wait, you should know there is no vital information locked away in those pages that impact the current weekly story. They relate a conversation between Linc Barintine and myself concerning Tremaine’s visit to Earth and the overall effect of first contact with an alien being on Earth’s culture. The net effect of the first visit to Earth by an alien from another world is...nothing, zero, zilch, nada! Most people remain totally unaware of the event and those of knowledge consider the event a lie or a publicity stunt. So an alien comes to Earth and goes virtually to no effect!

Linc Barintine also has decided to return with Dragonrok to Tandra, but he will visit Earth often to replenish supplies of civilization’s conveniences not found on Tandra. More important, he will stop off to visit with me and give first hand information of what is happening on the other world. The final missing pages concern the emergence of a great and perilous new threat, but that part is not relevant to the present story. By the time you need to know, I will have produced the pages and made them available. I hope that piece of knowledge satisfies the curious for the present.

Next week; Tandra Page 978 titled “Out Of The Past.”

See ya then.

May the sun always shine on your parade.