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Tandra Page 977, March 30, 2008

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It was in my head all along to portray the David Galon synthetic as a different character from the man who came to Tandra from Earth and died in the final battle that brought down the Wizard Ring. It is also considered that a man will reach the peak of his sexual performance just before he is twenty years of age. Women, by contrast, come to the time when they are most conditioned to enjoy the pleasures of sex as they near forty. With that in mind, it seems a cruel joke of biology that young men of some eighteen years are mostly interested in girls of about sixteen years while women of forty are mostly partnered with men in their declining years. There are exceptions, of course, but we are talking the general turn of events.

It came into my head that the synthetic Galon might be created as a copy of an older man, but he is biologically something less than ten years of age. (Iíve not checked my Time Chart recently to determine his exact age, but Iím in range. I really need to dig that Time Chart out and update it before I make a major blunder and get the time flow all screwed up.) Kenia remains a woman in her middle years, though nicely preserved for the most part. It does happen, you know. Women who take the trouble to watch after themselves can remain at their physical peak for many years. Actress Sophia Loren was a beautiful woman still late in life. While she was an actress and paid to look good, my own mother also retained her physical attractiveness into her fifties until a chronic respiratory infection dragged her down.

The point being, Kenia at around forty is at the age of her sexual peak and Galon, a considerably younger character, is also at the peak of his sexual prowess. So it is only logical to give the two of them opportunity for a bedroom marathon. I wonít tell you every time Galon and Kenia hop into the sack, but you can be sure they will take advantage as the opportunity arises.

Other characters, most notably the Trade Boat Captain and his henchmen, are taking advantage of opportunity. We shall see how they fare next week.

Next week; Tandra Page 978 titled ďCoitus Interruptus.Ē

See ya then.

May the sun always shine on your parade.