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Tandra Page 975, March 16, 2008

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I did not create in the Trade Boat Captain a major heavy. Captain Jellian is not so much a villain as he is a man of low integrity on the look for that main chance. There are any number of Captain Jellians in the real world, people who are only as honest as they need to be for the moment. Left to their own devices, it is difficult to guess how far their depravity would take them. But, held in check by laws and the observations of those about them, they are “good” people and their friends and passing acquaintances have no idea of the evil lurking in their hearts waiting for that convenient moment when they are free to do exactly as they please and with no fear they may be required to pay for their dirty little lusts.

The big man is just a convenient walk on extra, someone for the smaller captain to give orders to and who does pretty much as he is told, though there is just a hint he resents the attitude of his master.

Kenia had made a deal with Captain Jellian in return for passage up river. Now Galon had entered the equation and the deal was revised. Captain Jellian was not happy and made plans to remove Galon at the first opportunity. Jellian thought the Pink Skin could be disposed of with minor effort. The demonstration with the knife gave him reason to revise his initial impression of Kenia’s escort.

Captain Jellian is not the first man to make an error in his judgement of Galon’s fighting abilities. He likely will not be the last

Next week; Tandra Page 976 titled “Lost Technology.”

See ya then.

May the sun always shine on your parade.