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Tandra Page 974, March 9, 2008

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Who is David Galon? That seems a fair question when you consider he is, in one form or another, the major hero of my Tandra Universe. Let’s get one misconception out of the way right off. A good number of writers create heroes that are “wish extensions” of themselves. Harold Foster admitted his “Prince Valiant” character was himself with muscles, something of the man he wished he were in his fantasies. All right, Galon is not me, neither as I am nor as I might wish to be in my wildest fantasies. Which is not to say Galon does not possess some of the virtues I admire. Galon has courage and honesty, both desirable qualities in a hero. He also has a certain perseverance in the face of adversity, something I probably have acquaintance with else I would not have continued producing Tandra for a limited audience for something going on thirty-five years.

On the other hand, Galon has no visible reluctance for killing someone who makes a point of standing in his way. I do not mean to suggest Galon kills casually or for frivolous reasons. A foe needs to make a rather determined annoyance of himself for Galon to decide to bump him off. But still, all things considered, Galon is prejudiced to kill an enemy and think nothing more about it while I would make the effort to negotiate. In fairness, Galon’s chances of survival in a chancy situation are probably better than mine.

Galon is also not James Bond insofar as his relationship with women is concerned. And, not to put too fine a point on it, nor is he Bill Clinton. Galon is not inclined to take every woman to bed who crosses his path. As a character, Galon has loved two women in his life. He has also indulged in a couple of one night stands. Queen Kenia is, of course, his first love. As we have discussed, that is something of an adventure of itself. Falling under the Galon Is Not Me consideration, that is another activity Galon has embraced that I cannot see being a temptation for me. I prefer women who are a bit more civilized and not inclined toward political considerations as the major determination of their lives. Truth be told, I don’t see Kenia developing much fascination for me, either. So the lack of interest is probably mutual.

With regards to Danene, Galon came to her when Kenia was off limits. It happens. You have the hots for the High School Prom Queen, but she has eyes for only the captain of the school football team. So you notice the girl next door and it turns out the two of you get on quite well for a lifetime. You still think of the Prom Queen on occasion, but you are happy with the woman who accepted your offer of a life together and everything is cool.

But Earthian Galon died, true to Danene to the end. This Galon is a synthetic. In actual fact he is a different person and he now considers that Danene is no longer available for his affection. Kenia, older and without a kingdom to hold her attention, is again a possibility and, as it happened, a possibility with the option to be realized. The two of them have made a commitment they consider valid and binding. Nothing more is required and the both of them are people of integrity. Their word means something. They have both made vows they will keep for so long as they shall both live.

Integrity is more than the simple process of a man and a woman making a commitment and holding to that vow for so long as they shall live. Integrity is the essential foundation of civilization. If men are to deal reliably with each other, they must have reason to believe other men will stand by their word. It is the standard for which the handshake is the symbol. Between women, men, and men and women there must be the understanding both parties will do as they say. There can be no room for the Bill Clinton standard under which a vow is another term for “Gotcha!”, under which one party betrays the trust of the other party at the first convenience. If that is the standard under which some men conduct themselves, men cannot deal in trust with one another and civilization crumbles into chaos with each man looking for the opportunity to stab his brother in the back before his brother is able to stab him.

As Galon is synthetic, he is a younger person emotionally than was the Earthian of which he is copied. He says he has all the Earthian’s memory, but he does not have the years of experience. There may also be physical abilities that come of having a synthetic body. These abilities we shall discover as the story progresses.

Who is David Galon? We shall discover the answers to this question in the weeks to follow. I hope you will plan to join us weekly for the latest updates.

Next week; Tandra Page 975 titled “Revising Judgement.”

See ya then.

May the sun always shine on your parade.