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Tandra Page 971, February 17, 2008

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They did it, finally! After some twenty plus years of refusal to come together, David Galon and Kenia of Anglia have made the commitment to share the remainder of their lives together.

These are the two people who met so long ago, it was July of 1971 in real time, in Biloxi, Mississippi. Kenia has given birth to a child fathered by Galon (He is Dragonrok, in case you are just now coming aboard, and there will be more of him later...much more!), she has wed a figurehead emperor and ruled a deteriorating empire through him, given up her son to the Wizards of the Ring in the vain hope of preserving her empire, then seen that empire taken from her by her son and watched from afar as her beloved empire collapsed in upon itself. A lot has happened!

Nor has Galon remained unchanged, as we well know from recently posted pages. So these two people are not the same identical characters as introduced in Tandra Plate Number One some thirty-six years ago. These dates are publication related dates and are not Tandra related dates. Tandra happens in real time, but not Earth time. The events of Tandra occur in the past, recent past to be sure, but not in the present as you read this Update. I have in my files a Tandra Time Line and the first several years with dates of the indicated pages are posted on this site. Go there to check relevant times if you are curious. It happens I have not made adjustments in my file reference for the Tandra Time Line of recent months and it is something I need attend to, but generally the events surrounding the pages I am posting now are occurring in the Carter administration and time for our characters has progressed, as I have reported several times, some twenty plus years since the first plate.

After all this time, if you consider time as passed on Earth or if you consider time as it has progressed for the Tandra characters, I made the decision to bind these two people into what passes for marriage on Tandra.

I have known this in my head since the beginning of the strip, but I don’t think I have ever before made it explicit. Marriage on Tandra with nonpolitical types is a simple matter of taking a personal oath to bind one’s life to the mate of choice. It is a formal affair and may be done in private, as with Galon and Kenia, or with family and close friends. The presence of a priest or bureaucrat is not required. A person’s word, when given, is considered a binding oath and is not given for frivolous reasons. Galon and Kenia are now wed in the proper sense as surely as with the most ostentatious formal wedding of Earth. I can also tell you, while couples on Tandra do come on occasion to the place where they no longer care to commit to each other, it is a rare occurrence. It will not happen with Galon and Kenia. My mind does not work in that manner. Other things will happen and one or the other may eventually die, though there are no plans for such, but the two of them will not decide to do the equivalent of a Tandra divorce.

Of point of interest, formal marriage complete with ceremony and legal authorities does exist on Tandra and it is reserved for royal occasions and is generally for the purpose of political advantage. Romantic consideration is not required.

While I have put on record a nasty divorce is out of bounds for Galon and Kenia, all other options are on the table and the future is wide open. We shall see in the next several weeks a rediscovery of just who Galon and Kenia are at this point in their lives then, on April 20, 2008, the big adventure takes flight. You don’t want to miss it!

Next week; Tandra Page 972 titled “Treasure City.”

See ya then.

May the sun always shine on your parade.