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Tandra Page 966, January 13, 2008

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I cannot believe how much I was looking forward to drawing the final panel on this page or, by implication, how eager I have been to return to Tandra. For those of you who have discovered Tandra with your Tandra Brigade Membership, your grasp of my world is a bit hazy at best. Believe me, I am doing my best to fill in the gaps as fast as I can, but my first priority must of necessity be the new adventures I have agreed with you to present in weekly installments. For those of you who have been with us since the days of ink on paper, you are most certainly as eager to return to my world of exotic adventure as I have discovered myself to be.

How long has it been since we left Tandra to follow Tremaine’s adventures on Earth? Checking back on my file copies of the ink on paper comic book, “The Dragonrok Saga” issue number two as released in 1994, I can see it was on Tandra Page 963 we suddenly saw the image of an American Airlines passenger jet gliding down from a cloud banked sky to make a landing at the airport of a major American city and we knew we were no longer on Tandra!

A lot has happened in the fourteen years since, much of it not recorded, but the long sojourn to Earth is terminated and I am overly delighted to be returning to my home world. I think you will be as happy as I am with the return and we have some very exciting surprises awaiting you in the weeks ahead. One of the most shocking surprises is revealed next week.

But I am ahead of myself. This is page 966 and we are still for the moment wrapping things on Earth. Dragonrok has a mission he has set for himself and it is not at end, but we leave him to his grim task of vengeance and make a quick visit to Linc and Pork. As of this writing, I do not believe we shall see Pork again, but Linc Barintine will definitely be back as will Dragonrok. In the meantime, prepare for a spectacular homecoming as we return to Tandra with page 967, next week!
Next week; Tandra Page 967 titled “Out Of The Night.”

See ya then.

May the sun always shine on your parade.