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Tandra Page 965, January 6, 2008

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It is said the English Long Bow is the most effective weapon ever created. I expect that observation is conditional as in; effective for what? Obviously as a weapon for taking out a large city with the push of but a single button, the Long Bow comes up short. But Rok is not interested in mass murder. For his purpose, the English Long Bow fills the purpose quite nicely.

From the shadows and in silence Rok can take out the targeted enemy and the man standing within a foot of the target is aware of nothing but for a small gasp and the sound a dead body makes when it hits the ground. There is something essentially terrifying about silent death in the enemy camp. The astonished survivor is left with the knowledge his dead companion could have as easily been him and there is not a thing he could have done to prevent his own death from the silent and deadly shaft of wood. More is the point, the target for the next shaft might well be him and he has absolutely no defense against that terrifying possibility.

It is as though Dragonrok were sending a message to the effect; “You who are so fond of terror as a weapon do not know the meaning of terror until you face me!”

One other consideration when evaluating the English Long Bow as a weapon, the Long Bow requires no structured technological support. Any man with the knowledge in his mind can create this weapon from the proper materials alone and without assistance.

Finally, make note of the Jewish boy beside Dragonrok. He will play a prominent role in the events to come when we next take up Dragonrok’s crusade.

Next week; Tandra Page 966 titled “A Woman Of Tandra.”

See ya then.

May the sun always shine on your parade.