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Tandra Page 963, December 23, 2007

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The greatest achievement of Western Civilization is a naked woman standing arrogant and without fear.

Have you ever seen a woman stoned to death? The most repulsive part of the disgusting spectacle is not the vicious murder of the pathetic victim. The most repulsive display is the subhuman male savages dancing about the victim recording video images for their private enjoyment later. There has been considerable public hand wringing over the cruel abuse suffered by women under the vile ideology of Islam, but almost no one has considered the disastrous effect Islam has upon the men who hold women as property. The wretched fate of the world’s slaves over the history of humankind has the benefit of extensive documentation, but the disastrous price slavery requires of the slave masters has not been so thoroughly investigated.

A woman of the backward country of Saudi Arabia was recently asked why she would wear the burqa when she takes the rare opportunity to go out of her prison home. She replied being hidden from head to toe in the Saudi death shroud helped her to feel safe, it made her invisible. One wonders why a woman should need to be invisible to feel safe. What dangers would she fear were she visible?

In that Great Satan of Western Civilization, Jessica Alba can walk the city streets openly in cut off shorts and a halter top and she has no need to fear. Any American woman who so chooses can go out in public wearing next to nothing with the supreme confidence she is in no danger from attack by subhuman savages. In both Saudi Arabia and in the country of the Great Satan a woman in public has the opportunity of meeting men she has never before seen. In the country of the Great Satan a man seeing a woman on the street wearing little more than a few scraps of cloth and a smile could be persuaded to walk up to her and make of himself an introduction. The woman then has the choice to react in a positive manner or she can choose to turn the man away. The choice is in all ways hers. If the woman should smile politely and indicate she would be pleased to choose the stranger as a potential friend, his day is made and he walks in delirious joy upon a cloud of ecstasy. Should the woman choose to be less than receptive to the inquiring man and turn him away, his whole world comes crashing down and he crawls away in crushed misery realizing he may never, for the remainder of his life, smile again.

In the event a savage of Islam in Arabia should come upon a woman alone and unprotected, she is considered “raw meat” and his ideology has conditioned him that his proper response to an unprotected woman is to use her for his sexual pleasure. In fact, his assault upon the hapless woman is the generally accepted response of a male of his ideology upon discovery of a vulnerable female and he is not considered a virile male should he do less than take his pleasure with her. Moreover, his assault is not considered as his choice to make. The woman is totally responsible for the man’s assault by virtue of her being available for use. Should the man assault and rape the unprotected woman, it is she who is guilty of sin and it is she who may be stoned for the capital crime of adultery, for having sex with a male who would have beat her to death had she not submitted to his assault. This is Arabic Sharia Law, the Law of the Quran, the law Ibrahim Hooper of CAIR has said, “I wouldn’t want to create the impression that I wouldn’t like the government of the United States to be Islamic some time in the future...But I’m not going to do anything violent to promote that. I’m going to do it through education.”

The difference in the interaction of the male and the female of the Great Satan as suggested above and the Saudi savage and his assault upon the unprotected property is a consideration known as civilization. The subhuman savage is a consequence of pre-civilization desert tribal tradition frozen in time, an ideology that sees women as nothing more that booty to be used and traded at the whim of the male masters and the designates the masters as untutored thugs with no higher ambition beyond range of the moment looting and fornication. Indeed the Islamic paradise consists of no recognized pleasures beyond fornication and gluttony. Those are the limitations imposed by Islam.

The male of the Great Satan has as much lust in his heart as the savage, but the man of Western Civilization has learned to channel his harmonal drives toward cultural productive ends. The man of civilization has discovered it is much to be preferred for a beautiful and intelligent woman to come to a man by her free and conscious choice than for him to indulge in the mindless sensation provided by a chained slave. Indeed, the ability of a woman to live by her choice and to walk naked in her pride is a reliable guidepost to the cultural advancement of a people. The degree to which women are controlled by men and hidden from free public view is a reliable barometer of the viability level of a culture.

When First Lady Laura Bush famously went on tour of the Arab countries with her breast cancer awareness publicity drive, she famously covered her head in compliance with Islamic requirements. In attempting to justify her surrender to the symbols of a savage ideology, First Lady Bush said, “It’s their culture.” True enough, and so is slaughter of infidels, deception, pedophilia, abuse of women, looting, intimidation, subversion, and the termination of the Great Satan! The plain fact is this; we of Western Civilization do not pay First Lady Laura Bush to submit to a subhuman and savagely aggressive ideology. We are paying First Lady Laura Bush to stand for American Ideals. This country has a culture, too, just in case the submissive First Lady and her husband, in their single minded dhimmitude to the Arabs, have failed to notice. American culture is made of the right of women to walk our streets dressed however they please and free from the fear of attack from some brain dead regressive savage wed to a fifth century ideology having rape and looting as primary selling points. American culture insists all men are created equal under the law and are not the submissive slaves of some brain rotted pedophile moon god worshiping brigand chief with a paranoid hatred of Jews and a preference for mass murder. American culture is the conviction, reinforced by empirical evidence at hand, that this country is unquestionably the grandest nation ever to bless this Earth with its existence. American culture is the unconditional conviction all men and women have the absolute right to live their lives to the very best of their individual ability and to go as far and as fast as their skills and ambition will take them. These are the standards of America’s culture and, if the First Lady and her husband cannot champion the culture of America before the whole of the world with pride and honor, I strongly suggest they resign from the position of standard bearer of this great nation and find for themselves a position more appropriate to their convictions. I hear the royals in Saudi Arabia are currently requiring the services of more toadies.

When Ibrahim Hooper, spokesman for the terrorist friendly Council for American Islamic Relations insists he would have Islamic Sharia Law imposed in this United States of America through “education”, he reveals himself a snake oil salesman peddling a “Religion of Peace” that does not now exist and never, in fact, did. “War is deceit,” the self proclaimed Prophet (May Piss Be Upon Him) is reported to have said. Many are the Americans who have allowed themselves to be deluded by the Islamic fiction of a “Religion of Peace”. A minimal bit of basic investigation is all that is required to reveal essential and fundamental Islam is at root anything but an ideology of peace. Islam is in fact an ideology of war, of murder, of deception, of hatred, of bigotry, of lust, of looting, of terror, of intimidation, of subversion, of destruction, of futility, of dispair...the list goes on, but no place is there any reliable indication peace is a component of Islam.

For Ibrahim Hooper, CAIR, and the Saudi slave-master, their best hope is the continued denial and ignorance of the West. Knowledge and truth are the Arabs’ mortal enemies. When Ibrahim Hooper speaks of Sharia Law through “education”, he is talking in truth of deception. There is nothing in Islam that could possibly interest free men. Islam simply at root core holds nothing of interest for Americans. The truth of Islam is the repulsive ideology is not about a pagan war god nor about seventy-two virgins and eternal gluttony. Islam is about rule over men on Earth and nothing else. Islam is about dirty old men with rotting teeth and flabby guts lusting after underage girls. Islam is the claim to moral authority by men who factually are not morally qualified to conduct the affairs of a third rate whore house.

A true American responded recently with the perfect answer when confronted by the typical legal intimidation by CAIR. He said. “They can go to hell and take their seventy-two virgins with them!”

What is to be done about the Islamist snake oil salesmen? As always, truth and knowledge are the enemies they fear. Popular arts and the media are always high on the agenda for intimidation and compromise by totalitarian regimes. All tyrants demand unrelenting praise and reinforcement from the media and the popular arts. We can see this with Islam today as the main stream media caves before the avalanche of Arab oil wealth and legal intimidation. Tyrants fear what they cannot control and a popular arts initiative showing Islam’s true colours is a threat against which Islamist ideologists have no defense and cannot tolerate.

We at Tandra stand against the slavers of Islam and have no fear to reveal the dirty little secrets the Muhammadans would rather not have exposed. In truth, it is not Muslims themselves who are the enemy. Muslims are factually the first victims of this horrid subhuman ideology and they continue to be Islam’s most viciously abused victims. In their despair, they continue to cry out for deliverance. Refined to a basic bumper sticker slogan, our purpose is to destroy an ideology and free a people, and we shall continue, as we go, to entertain you with the best tales of American heroes available anywhere.

Stay tuned. The best is yet to come!

Next week; Tandra Page 964 titled “Vengeance Unleashed.”

See ya then.

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and may the sun always shine on your parade.