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Tandra Page 962, December 16, 2007

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“I’ve had enough of being good, of doing everything like I’m told I should. I’ve had enough of trying to love my brother.
I’ve had enough of being trodden on. My passive days are gonna be long gone. If you slap one cheek, well I ain't gonna turn the other!”
---”Had Enough” written by John Entwhistle, from the Who album “Who Are You”.

This page is the first page I wrote after I decided I was going to start doing new Tandra. The rest of the story came later. I had it in my head to get all the Tandra back log on line before I started the new stuff, but it that just wasn’t happening. Time was a problem. It always is.

I am old enough to remember when a United States citizen was safe in any part of the world. He could go into any country and the Thug In Charge would think long and hard about placing an American in the way of harm. He might send the State Police to pack the American’s bags and place him by armed guard on the next flight out of the country, but he was very careful to cause an American citizen no actual harm. The Thug In Charge knew damn well if he harmed an American or allowed an American to come to peril in his two bit country, he would look out his window next morning and see American Destroyers steaming into his harbour and see Marines landing on the beaches. That was a prospect no tin horn tyrant looked upon with anticipation. Americans were safe any place on Earth.

That was then, This is now!

Today any self designated tyrant or revolutionary for hire can kidnap Americans at a whim, put them in prison, torture them, cut their throats with a dull butcher knife on live television broadcast to the world and all that happens is a strongly worded but diplomatic letter arrives at the UN begging apologies for the criminal savages and promising billions of dollars in aid to the savages for causing them the inconvenience of having been placed in position where they were forced to murder an American. The regime in Washington no longer protects American citizens. We have been abandoned by a class of elites in Washington with no balls, no integrity and no love for this country nor respect for its citizens.

My original title for this page was “Dragonrok Serves Notice On Foreign Policy.” Unlike the pathetic excuses for leaders in our nation’s capital, Rok is serving notice if you take action against a native of Tandra, consequences will be extremely unpleasant, unfailingly prompt and explicitly violent! The message is clear and even the most thick skulled thug can understand. You don’t fuck with a Tandra native!

As to the lily livered elites in Washington, they are not Rok’s concern. He doesn’t give a damn. And one is inclined to wonder, do the American people?

Next week; Tandra Page 963 titled “Savage Death.”

See ya then.

May the sun always shine on your parade.