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Tandra Page 961, December 9, 2007

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At 4:35 this morning, about 3 minutes ago as I type this, I consummated a romance that has been hanging fire some 34 years. Professional writers, friends of mine who have no reluctance toward giving me advice, insist you should always give the reader the ultimate payoff so, for those with the patience to stick with us this long, the payoff is here. Actually, it’s here for me. You will be required to wait until February 2008 to find for yourself why all the celebration is coming down at Hanthercraft Publications International. But trust me. (Yes, I know that sounds like the line from the mouth of a politician. But trust me anyway.) This payoff is worth the wait. In any case, you needed a good reason to look forward to the new year, didn’t you?

As to other matters closer to home, those with a sharp eye out will notice the David Read colour enhancement is absent from this week’s page. David has informed me he is temporarily swamped with work at his day job and simply does not have the time required to do his first rate excellent colours on the Tandra Page. But never fear, David Read fans! David has assured me the day job pressure is promised to let up come the 17th of this month. At that time, he informs me, he will again have the time required for colouring Tandra pages.

In the meantime, yours truly has dusted off the trusty box of Crayolas kept over from Ms. Hennessy’s kindergarten class and is adding colours to the posted pages as evidence by Tandra Page 961, just posted. So as not to create to big a jolt with inconsistency, I have attempted to hold to David’s beautiful colour scheme as closely as possible. We hope you like the results with Tandra Page 961 and will rejoice with me when David is free to handle colours once again.

While I wax eloquent concerning colours for Tandra pages, I am reminded of an e-mail from a less than joyous Tandra Brigade member wishing to know if we have any plans to continue with the colours on the Classic Tandra Pages and for the Second Generation Plates. Yes, we definitely do. Again it is a matter of time. I had been colouring the Classic Tandra and it was my intent to complete those pages before I began to do new material. Then it began to be obvious years would pass before I would reach the point I could begin to produce the new Tandra Pages. In consequence, I have backed off colouring Classic Tandra and all my available time is presently taken up with the new adventures. We have a number of holidays coming up at year’s end and it is my intention to take part of the excess free time away from commercial work and do Classic Tandra colours.

I am of the opinion time is also a critical factor in the unfortunate development of there having been no Second Generation colours recently. As David is under pressure from his day job and has not been able to keep up with the new Tandra colours, he certainly has not had the time to provide colours for the less deadline sensitive Second Generation pages. David has told me he will have more free time for Tandra come mid December and we shall give consideration to getting back to creating colours for the Second Generation pages at that time.

In the meantime, we wish to welcome the new members to the Tandra Brigade and renew out commitment to seeing Tandra remains the best illustrated story of this century. That is our pledge to you because you expect nothing less nor would we believe you should.

Next week; Tandra Page 962 titled “Street Battle.”

See ya then.

May the sun always shine on your parade.