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Tandra Page 960, December 2, 2007

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Rok is a man of extremely limited tolerance for being jerked around. There are of incident, not many people waiting in line to ask him to join the diplomatic corps. Which is not to say Dragonrok cannot hold his council when necessity demands it, but I decided that, after ten pages, it was time to release Rok and demonstrate why it is not a good idea to try to give Rok a hard time. Just in passing, and for you with the required curiosity, the Blind Sheik featured on this page is patterned for the conspirator held in the first World Trade Center bombing. Not that this Blind Sheik has any story connection to the World Trade Center conspirator. It’s just that I had photographs of the man and decided to use them.

A few of the local fans, taking a look at this page as I was drawing it, felt it was not proper for big and muscular and heroic Dragonrok to be beating up on an old and blind man. “Makes him to be something of a bully, doncha know?” One of them observed. Actually, such is not the case. Point being that political correctness is not a major consideration for Rok. This blind Arab is a man who has involved himself with a plot that has resulted in considerable danger to Rok’s main squeeze. The Sheik’s blindness is really of no consequence so far as Rok is concerned. The lesson to be learned; you don’t fuck with Dragonrok, the God-slayer, and walk away without consequence.

While Rock may be able to drape himself under a thin indication of high bread culture, we need remember this man is in no wise civilized. Anyone who has the poor judgement to give cause to Dragonrok should easily discover just how fragile is the shell of civilization that restrains this warrior. Trouble the tiger in his lair before you take on Rock in his full power.

A few have failed to take the clues provided and did not understand how Rock could explode in violence against the Blind Sheik with no obvious clue as to how Rock suspected the Sheik of lying. I admit failure of communication here. But in truth, I did not realize so many restricted Americans are unaware or unable to detect the aroma of a familiar female lingering in a room from which she is recently vacated. I myself commonly recognize a woman of a scent with which I am acquainted has of recent past been in a room of which I make entrance. Several of my friends have such ability and find it in no wise remarkable. Thus I am incredulous to discover viewers of Page 960 pre-release are either clueless as to how Rok might believe the old man is lying and come onto him by such force or they believe Rok’s “Warrior Sense” by which he detects the delicate aroma is some sort of special power granted by the gods.

Perchance it is the overpowering stench of industrial culture that has made the sense of smell less defined than it should be. In any case, if you make minimal effort, you can retrain your sense of smell to serve you in such manner you shell never again be surprised by what your eyes reveal. At the very least you can impress the lady in your life by locating her presence by sense of smell alone. She will stand amazed at your powers!

Next week; Tandra Page 960 titled “From The Mouth Of A Child.”

See ya then.

May the sun always shine on your parade.