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Tandra Page 959, November 25, 2007

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Iíve just put in five full days working on Tandra Pages. It gets a little weird finishing up pencils on Tandra Page 969 which will post the first weekend of February, then coming back to write about a page penciled and inked some two months ago. What I remember at the time of working on Tandra Page 959 is thinking how convenient it is to have the internet as a research tool when I need to get a feel for a location to which Iíve never been and know very little about so far as visual markers go. With the handy internet, itís just a matter of typing Teheran into a search engine and asking for images and there are more photographs of the desired city than I could possibly need. Again, as always with this tight schedule Iíve set myself to, I have a limited amount of time to sort through the extensive possibilities available and it is often a case of grab the one that looks right rather than continue until I find the perfect reference. I expect, should the ideal world come to pass and I had all the time I could possibly require, I would still find cause to complain if I just had a bit more time. When you think of it, thatís the story of our finite lives. We come to the end with that deep black hole staring us in the face and we wish we had just a little more time.

So what else have I been doing in my spare time? So glad you asked. It has bothered me that those of you who join the Tandra Brigade have only the jpeg option for downloading the new adventures. Now that you mention it, there are several other things that annoy me as well, among them the fact that I have not had the space to add more pages to the Classic Tandra section since beginning to produce the new adventures. See above for complaining about the limits of available time, I do plan to post more Classic Tandra Pages as soon as I can work the colouring into my schedule. But back to the subject at hand. With the additional work time afforded by the Thanksgiving Holidays (All of you did have a fat and marvelous Thanksgiving, did you not?) I was able to create a pdf file of Tandra Page 949. It was not so much work as I used David Readís colours on the jpeg file as my template.

Making a pdf file for these new pages will not occur on any sort of predictable time table as I am still locked into my schedule to produce a new story page each week. The new pages are, after all, the reason most of you signed up at our outrageous fee of $9.95 per annum. But I will continue to add the pdf pages as my schedule allows.

Advance heads up here. A new Tandra adventure, and we mean by that a new adventure back on Tandra proper, begins January 13, 2008. This new adventure features a character some of you will remember from the very first Tandra plate and introduces a brand new character you have not seen for a long time. Itís Tandra Page 966. Be here to experience the greatest adventure strip of the twenty-first century!

Next week; Tandra Page 960 titled ďThe Sheik.Ē

See ya then.

May the sun always shine on your parade.