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Tandra Page 958, November 18, 2007

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We get mail;

Mr. Hanther,

I’m new to Tandra. I have a question about Dragonrok. Who is he and does he have any super powers?

Reese from San Diego.

Hello Reese and welcome aboard. As you are probably not the only new reader with questions about Tandra in general and Dragonrok in particular, I thought I’d fill this week’s update something along the lines of “For Those Who Came In Late”. There is the more detailed back story for Tandra in the Tandra Brigade collection of pages for download and in the ink on paper editions available at our on line Tandra store where you will find over thirty years of Tandra history, so this is going to be the quick and dirty version.

Dragonrok is the son of David Galon of Earth and Queen Kenia of Tandra. Galon met Kenia on Earth where she had come on an important quest in the interest of her kingdom. The two of them were attracted and Kenia passed time with Galon in his apartment where she became pregnant. A man of Tandra came with a message from her father and Kenia responded at once to accompany the messenger, telling Galon not to follow and also not telling him of the child she carried.

Of course, Galon, being hero material, failed to concede to Kenia’s request and followed her through a special Star Door to Tandra where he appeared in time to see her board a sky ship and vanish into the distance. There were numerous adventures before Galon finally located Kenia and discovered her to be pregnant with his child. Rather than being delighted to see him, she insisted Galon should depart her presence and never see her again. Though shocked by Kenia’s attitude, Galon decided to remain on Tandra where he made a life for himself.

Off stage, the child Dragonrok was born and raised with the advantage of his royal birth until kidnapped by the Wizards of Tandra for their special design. Under Wizard tutoring, Dragonrok was taught the skills of the ultimate warrior in a plan to serve Wizard interests. Dragonrok was, as it happened, a rebellious student and defied the Wizards to go his own way. He met and fell in love with Tremaine, a slave girl, and would have made a life with her but for the fact Tremaine was called away to Earth to perform a vital mission for the gods of Olympias. As Earthians gain additional strength and speed upon arrival on Tandra because of the condition of Tandra’s lesser weight of gravity, those of Tandra reversing the process and coming to Earth find themselves at disadvantage because of the greater drag of Earth’s gravity. In consequence, the gods gave to Tremaine the ability to resist the drag of the greater gravity pull. This same ability they also gave to Dragonrok when he was requested to lend his effort to the mission that Tremaine had taken.

It was presumed the ability to withstand Earth power gravity would be withdrawn when Dragonrok and Tremaine returned to Tandra but, as revealed in the present story, Prometheus considered Dragonrok and Tremaine had made for themselves dangerous enemies in service to the gods and their power was extended for all time. For all practical purpose, Dragonrok may now be considered to have the abilities of a demigod, something in the manner of Hericles of mythological fame.

So, no. Dragonrok does not have super powers as they are generally understood in comic book context as with Superman, but he does have enhanced abilities that will be of essential use to him in the adventures ahead.

I hope I have answered your question to satisfaction Reese and thank you for writing. I hope you continue to enjoy the Tandra series of adventures.

Next week; Tandra Page 959 titled “Ultimatum.”

See ya then.

May the sun always shine on your parade.