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Tandra Page 957, November 11, 2007

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Tremaine was in peril, kidnapped by Islamic “Freedom Fighters”. If you have an interest in presenting your hero acting heroic, the traditional method is to place his main squeeze in peril and then set up the plot in such a way the hero sets out to save her from the standard garden variety “fate worse than death”. But, ya see, I had already given evidence on Tandra Page 955 Tremaine was not to be regarded as your standardized helpless damsel in distress. She might have had the misfortune of having her buns kidnapped by horny Islamic foot soldiers, but she didn’t go meekly into the sunset to await whatever pleasure served her kidnappers. No, indeed! For their poor judgement in dragging Tremaine along, the Islamists abandoned in their wake three bodies from their own attack team. All three were terrorists who had made the mistake of underestimating Tremaine’s capacity to dish out a deadly response when pressed by obnoxious types who overstep the bonds indicated by a minimum of discretion. As Pork mentioned over the phone, Islamic Jihadists may be predictably violent and dangerous, but they generally have “shit for brains”.

There are some who are shocked, mind you, shocked! I do not use one of the politically acceptable designations for Islamic terrorists such as the Presidential Approved “Islamofascists” or the generally accepted “Islamic Radicals” to describe murderous Muhammadans in a rage. The reason is simplicity in itself. The essential bedrock version of Islam, as set down in the Islamist User Guide and as practiced by the recognized authority of this subhuman ideology, namely the self designated Prophet Muhammad, openly advocates armed aggression against infidels consistent with the violent attacks currently being carried out world wide. On those grounds, I recognize Islam for the degenerate ideology it has announced itself to be. I take the Islamists at their word and see no advantage to giving aid to Islamic apologists by assisting them to create a fantasy of a “Religion of Peace” that has no basis in reality.

I have kept Dragonrok on a tight leash over the last several pages for the reason he is not a native of Earth and is not best equipped to handle things at the bureaucratic level. In this manner I have given Linc Barintine his moment in the spotlight. It is Barintine who has the connections with the Embassy people and it is Barintine who can get Dragonrok into the area where it is believed Tremaine is being held. That said, once Dragonrok has been dropped on the scene, all bets are off as Barintine suggests in the final panel of Tandra Page 957 (this page). In other words, things now begin to get interesting.

Next week; Tandra Page 958 titled “Inside Contact.”

See ya then.

May the sun always shine on your parade.