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Tandra Page 956, November 4, 2007

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From the beginning, Tandra was infamous for the naked ladies. When I began to do comics cons, those who attended the shows would approach me and say either they loved the naked women with which I decorated Tandra or they would express shock at my lack of restraint. How could I not be ashamed of myself drawing all those dirty pictures? At several of the shows I attended, representatives of the people who organized the shows came around to check out the ink on paper publications released by Hanthercraft for the purpose of making sure the books I was selling did not violate prevailing community standards. Even so, with all the concern of those who are scandalized by the ink on paper representation of the uncovered female form, I never once experienced official repression from the proper authorities at the shows in question. Apparently those afflicted by the concern my ink drawings of the undraped female form could initiate the moral collapse of Western Civilization were never persuaded I had crossed that vague line that determines a drawing is actually subversive and needs be banned from polite society.

Still, I have had those who are offended by naked ladies ask me why I intentionally offend those of the blue nose persuasion by displaying unclothed females upon the pages of Tandra. My answer to them is I do it because I enjoy doing it and because I can. I might also respond with the reply Michaelangelo made when the Pope of the moment posed the same query concerning nude figures on ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. Michaelangelo said, “I paint people as God made them. Should God decide to begin having people born fully clothed, my art will follow promptly forthwith.”

As I have had the Tandra Illo-Epic follow the adventures of Tremaine on Earth for the recent past, naked ladies have come in short supply. As all are aware, many cultures on Earth are put off by the public display of unclothed women. Some restrictive societies will even brutally assault and arrest women who even dare to uncover a part of their face or to inadvertently uncover an ankle, though the same cultures have no problem with raping six year old girls nor of stoning women to death should they have the audacity to choose for their love a male not of their tribe or religion.

Now, with Tandra Page 956, the naked ladies have returned. The lady sharing Pork’s bad is indeed unclothed as is Pork and the fact that both of them are reclined on a bed makes it abundantly clear what was in progress when the phone call from a certain Linc Barintine interrupted proceedings. The observer may come to his own conclusions as to the legal arrangements of Pork and the unnamed lady. If one were so inclined, the assumption could be made this is a proper scene between Pork and his wife. One could, with as much justification, come to the conclusion this is no more than a one night stand.

Make your own observation in the matter. I shall not enlighten you further.

Those of you who enjoy the representation of unclothed women shall be delighted to know the Tandra Illo-Epic returns to Tandra with the very real display on a more frequent basis of the uncovered female form come January 2008. Those who find that naked women cause cold shivers of revulsion to run up their spines should be warned in advance of impending doom and take proper measures. Along with the bare ladies on display, I shall arrange a few surprises along the way.

I look forward to sharing them with you.

Next week; Tandra Page 957 titled “Plan For Action”

See ya then.

May the sun always shine on your parade.