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Tandra Page 954, October 21, 2007

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Frank Miller made a name for himself in the comics world with a successful run on the Marvel comics pamphlet periodical Daredevil. He later became a super star with his reinvention of Batman in a limited series titled The Dark Knight Returns. He went on to create Sin City and a number of other titles for various publishers, some of which were projects using characters that were the legal properties of major corporations and some of which were his very own. I was not there when Frank Miller came to prominence and I did not read his ground breaking work on Daredevil nor have I read Sin City and most of his other work. I came upon The Dark Knight Returns because it was being offered at discount and I had loose change.

Having bought Dark Knight at discount, I got around to reading the thing and was not all that impressed. Frank's story and art are just not my cup of tea. Which is not to say I dislike Frank Miller. I admire the man for his vision and wish him continued success. Discovering you do not care for the work an artist creates does not mean you, cause and effect, have animosity toward the man who created the work. Frank Miller has a large and loyal fan base and he hardly needs my adulation. People have differing tastes which is why they make ice cream in both vanilla and chocolate.

The above long and rambling intro is to give some background to my take on Frank Miller and the reasons I was delighted when news came out Frank had committed to a project wherein Batman goes after Osama bin Laden. My thoughts were, "Cool idea. This is one Frank Miller project I will purchase and read." I wanted to see what Frank would do with such a project and observe public reaction to the story. There was understandably much carping over news of the project. Those who have come to recognize Islam as a major threat to Western Civilization were looking forward to the project's release as a vehicle to spread their concerns and awareness of peril at hand. Others who have not bothered to understand Islam or who believe they have a vested interest in Islam's advance looked upon the project with alarm. One fellow creator in the comics industry insisted comics are a fantasy media and should avoid real world issues as a matter of principle. This is the essential position taken by professionals who fell all over themselves in offering undiluted praise to the Green Lantern/Green Arrow series of comics pamphlets from the early Seventies of which major social issues were examined from a liberal perspective. Apparently it's great for comics to look at the real world only so long as the observation is only from the Left.

Another complaint was a Frank Miller tale involving Batman going up against bin Laden would have no actual effect in the real world. Well, Duh! Any fool knows Osama bin Laden hiding in a cave would be at no physical risk whatsoever from attack of a four colour cartoon published half a world away. Except that a goodly portion of bin Laden's campaign is a crusade of public relations and media hype. A high profile attack against bin Laden by a major icon of Western Pop Culture would most certainly have a negative effect upon bin Laden's public perception. As a consequence of a Batman against bin Laden comic book, many people would see in their mind's eye the highly negative Frank Miller portrayal of Osama bin Laden rather than the more Islamic friendly impeccable and undefeated enemy of the West issuing commands of death and destruction from a secret headquarters hidden away in the impenetrable mountains of Pakistan. Contrary to Islamic apologists, a Frank Miller project in which Batman confronts bin Laden would indeed have consequences in the real world.

But the project never happened. As stated above, Batman is indeed the property of a major entertainment conglomerate and the powers in charge of such things at Time Warner refused to allow the Frank Miller Batman project to proceed. Batman never faced off against bin Laden.

Tandra and Dragonrok and all characters and their likenesses are owned in total by Hanthercraft International which is me! I am not required to go with hat in hand begging before a board chairman to ask permission for license to do the story I wish to create. The decision is mine alone and the decision to position Dragonrok in defiance of the sworn enemies of the West is my responsibility and mine alone. I do not need to persuade some clueless editor nor some spineless board of stockholders. I have had the offer of financial and artistic security if I would only turn over control of the Tandra universe to business people who know so much better than I how to publicize and market my property. The response to such offers has remained the same. Tandra is mine and I do not relinquish control over my property, not even as a tradeoff of guaranteed financial well being. I do not sell my children for the price of a bowl of pottage.

There are those of a multi-cultural persuasion who will observe this Tandra presentation and recoil in premeditated horror proclaiming Hanther has embraced Islamophobia! Do they mean to say Hanther is murder-phobic? Are they saying Hanther is pedophile-phobic? Is Hanther Jew Hatred-phobic? Is Hanther female mutilation-phobic? Is Hanther slavery-phobic? Is Hanther Caliphate-phobic? Is Hanther looter-phobic? Is Hanther deceit-phobic? Is Hanther execution of females by stoning-phobic? Is Hanther subjugation of women-phobic? Is Hanther subversion of Western Civilization-phobic? Is Hanther submission-phobic?

Then I would say most definitely I stand guilty of Islamophobia as accused, and I proudly wear my Islamophobia as my highest badge of honour.

I shall also say the target of my crusade (and, yes, I use the word in its full meaning and with the absolute knowledge of all the word implies and for the reasons that cause Islamic apologists to run screaming in terror from the word.) is not a people. Slavery is not ended by fighting against the slaves. Muslims are not of themselves the enemy, but are factually the first victims of Muhammad's vile looter friendly ideology.

Contrary to the propaganda peddled by Islamic overlords, Islam is not about a god nor is it about an afterlife imprisoned in a perpetual brothel from which there is no escape. Islam is at essence about the rule over man on Earth. Islam is about those who insist they have the authority come directly from an invented pagan war god to direct the lives and the purpose of their slaves, to loot the property of men they could never hope to equal in accomplishment, and to claim as sexual toys pre-pubescent girls for their private exploitation. These morally bankrupt subhumans who claim the authority to speak for god have not in fact the moral authority to conduct the affairs of a second rate whore house.

It is in the interest of the slaves of Islam, men of good will should rise to oppose the slaves' cruel and vicious masters by removing the whips and chains the slave masters use to keep their victims under a grinding subhuman oppression. Remove the binding chains of submission and the slave masters are rendered powerless to prevent their freed victims from emerging into the benevolent glow of a free and responsible civilization. Such a much to be desired goal is within reach and the slaves of Islam tell us daily how we may best accomplish that happy end.

Next week; Tandra Page 955 titled “Kidnapped ”

See ya then,

May the sun always shine on your parade.