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Tandra Page 953, October 14, 2007

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There was this problem, see. When I first took Earthian David Galon to Tandra way back when, I made the fairly routine assumption he would be stronger than Tandra natives by virtue of Tandra's lesser gravitational pull. I didn't want Galon to become a Superman with all the excessive baggage of super powers that implies. I just wanted him strong enough to have an edge when it came to a bar room brawl. Later I modified Tandra so as to suggest the lesser gravitational drag was not an exclusive consequence of a weaker gravitational force, but the essential idea remained in place as first explained.

Fast forward to Tandra Page 375 when the story called for Galon to return to Earth because his lady Danene required essential medical care. Tandra may be a nature lover's paradise, but it is also quite limited in medical technology. This is something of a cause and effect situation. People who pass most of their time worshiping nature have very little time left over for scientific advancement. This is something the climate change crowd might wish to consider.

In any case, when Galon returned to Earth, he simply retained the strength he had exhibited previously as a native of this world and was able to function at normal capacity. I conveniently chose to ignore the consideration a man from Earth living under a lesser gravity would have lost some muscle power as his body adapted to the lesser gravity drag and, returning to Earth, he would have been considerably weaker in comparison to Earth natives who had never left. To go through the process of having the hero regain his "Earth Legs" would have dragged down the pace of the story and, truth is, I just did not think on it.

Again forward in time to the events of Tremaine's Earth Mission. Tremaine was born of Tandra and was, by genetic nature, accustomed to the lesser gravitational pull. On Earth, she was at singular disadvantage. I solved the issue by introducing a drug something on the order of steroids that gave her increased ability to conduct herself under Earth's increased gravity, but had rather nasty side effects.

Dragonrok's appearance on Earth was a different matter entirely. Certainly I could claim he was half Earthian through his father, but that just didn't wash. Rok had never before been on Earth and he was required to come on scene in top form. He is the Second Generation hero in any case. The obvious answer lay within the powers of the gods. The gods of Greek myth had many powers of ancient times. I had written them into the then current story line. I was certain they would not be annoyed if I gave them an additional power of which they had been previously unaware.

It was implied Rok's powers on Earth were of a temporary nature and would vanish once he and Tremaine returned to their Tandra home. But some of the future adventures planned would require superior advantage were he to believably survive and win as heroes are inclined toward. The Titan Prometheus came through for me. Prometheus has a reputation as a friend of man, so I put it into his head to extend Rok's power and to make of him, essentially, a demigod on a level somewhat akin to Herakles (or Hercules in the Roman version).

Those of you who are up on the Tandra back history understand though Tremaine and Dragonrok have a thing for each other, there is this problem. Tremaine is sister, though much younger and by another father, of Rok's mother making Tremaine factually Rok's aunt. This close blood relationship makes a life together in the normal considered course a problematic situation. My original intention was to use this blood relationship as a device to keep the two of them permanently apart. Time has passed and I revised my conception of the better direction to carry Rok and Tremaine's relationship. Once more the gods to the rescue! One of the gifts Zeus bestowed upon Tremaine as reward for her efforts in behalf of Olympus was to remove the close blood relationship as an issue.

Now Dragonrok and Tremaine are free to begin a third Tandra generation!

How will things work out? Only time will tell. As they say, "Stay tuned."

Next week; Tandra Page 954 titled “Tremaine At Peril ”

See ya then,

May the sun always shine on your parade.