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Tandra Page 952, October 7, 2007

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The introduction complete, I was ready to continue with the Tandra story. The plan was to essentially pick up just as I had left off almost ten years before. Dragonrok and Tremaine had been on Mount Olympus, home of the mythical Greek gods and I determined to rejoin the saga with them still there and to continue. There are some half dozen pages missing from the last Tandra sequence published ink on paper and the beginning of this new story. They are written, but not yet drawn. It is my intention to, as soon as I can possibly work the pages into my schedule, draw and post them. For those of you who are wondering what you are missing, the un-drawn sequence is a conversation between myself and Linc Barintine on Olympus discussing the cultural impact on world civilization of having a true alien from another world visit Earth. The upshot is, not much. Most people don't believe it is true, some believe it is a Hollywood publicity stunt and a considerable percentage have no opinion. So much for the first visit to Earth by an alien creature.

As for consideration of the drawing of a page in two days, I was finding I could consistently handle the work load and, to my surprise, the quality of the art was improving along with the speed. There were rough spots to be sure (and if you don't know where they are I an certainly not going to identify them for you.) but I continued to be pleased with finished pages and found I even had the time to do some spectacular large panels such as the shot of Olympus on this page. And, while the art is certainly important, it is always the writing that makes or breaks a comic strip feature and here I found I was doing some of my best writing ever and the words were flowing easily.

The bottom line, four weeks into the new serialized Tandra adventure I am disgustingly pleased with myself.


I promised early on we would post some of the more interesting notes of comment that come to us. The following has the distinction of being the best we have received by virtue of being the only E-mail commenting on Tandra to reach us to date.

Dear Mister Hanther,

I don't know if you remember me, but I am a long time fan of Tandra from way back in the Critter days. I have followed your excellent Tandra adventures since I discovered your beautifully drawn series back in 1974. I was concerned you had fallen on hard times and were forced to stop publishing. Imagine my delight to discover your web site and to note you are again producing new material. I look forward to future developments with my favourite comics characters. Keep up the good work!

Reese Fulton, Jacksonville FL

Thanks for your kind E-mail, Reese. You are obviously a man of exceptionally discriminating cultural taste. I hope you continue to enjoy our Tandra adventures for years to come.

Keep those hard hitting uncompromising comments coming, folks. We shall continue to post the best and most interesting in future Updates,

Next week; Tandra Page 953 titled “Gift From The Gods ”

See ya then,

May the sun always shine on your parade.