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Tandra Page 1519, Revisionist History

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

In a conflict, one of the primary perks of the victor is the license that comes with subjugation of the enemy that consists of constructing the narrative of the conflict to advantage of the winning side. Thus the Yankees who fought in Mister Lincoln’s War fundamentally transformed the character of “Honest” Abe Lincoln, a power mad white supremacist dictatorial tyrant and war criminal, a complicit tool of the northeastern industrialists, politically connected bankers and transportation tycoons, and who had a quarter million Americans sacrificed to his lust for unlimited power, into a champion of the common man and a valiant warrior in the quest to free black slaves. So pervasive and consistent have been the re-constructors of history to canonize the false portrait of “Honest” Abe that the absurd fantasy of a gentle and compassionate father-figure who was a champion of liberty now stands pretty much unchallenged. The real power hungry monster that was the true character of “Honest” Abe, a vicious dictator who laughed when told of Union Troops being loosed in Athens, Alabama, to rape and loot as pleased them, lies buried beneath layers of false myth. A real knee slapper, the Athens atrocity, if ever there was one. “Honest” Abe was justly famous for his endearing sense of humour.

One would think, with the universal acceptance of “Honest” Abe as a recognized god-like figure of compassion and mercy, the Lincoln Gatekeepers would have no more campaigns to wage. Au contraire! The perpetuators of the Lincoln Myth keep their vigil, ever on guard for any remnant of truth, for any hint of the true “Honest” Abe that might inadvertently tarnish the lustrous image of their god. And there are rare and dusty tomes still available to seekers of truth, books hidden away on shadowed and unfrequented library shelves and in private collections from which the stench of the historical Lincoln, at odds with the fantasy myth, still waft with the stink of betrayed truth.

We see today the hysterical campaign of the Lincoln Worshippers and their acolytes to remove any hint that brave and honest men once risked their lives, their honour and their sacred fortunes to stand against the evils and depravities personified by “Honest” Abe Lincoln. We see thugs and statists rush to pull down statues of courageous men and to discredit any historical narrative that does not conform to the prevailing fantasy concerning the times and the depraved policies of “Honest” Abe Lincoln. The prevailing theme of the revisionists of history is that the South rebelled against Savior “Honest” Abe Lincoln because slavery was the Law Of The Land in the South. One is forced to consider if the South had signed on to Margaret Sanger’s campaign to “remove the human weeds” from the gene pool, would the South have been fundamentally transformed from the land of all that is politically incorrect in this world into the Land Of Politically Correct Saints? Inquiring minds would like to know.

In effect, slavery is not the issue here. The Liberal Regressives worship with slobbering love at the altar of Islam, a totalitarian and racially intolerant ideology that perpetuates slavery and has done so for all of its 1400 plus year history. So obviously the issue is not, nor ever has been, slavery. The issue for the Liberal Regressive Left is that men of good will in the South stood up against the totalitarian policies of a dictatorial despot and waged a war of liberation against his agenda. The reason the Liberal Regressives hate the Confederate Battle Flag is not because it represents slavery, but because it represents the refusal of free men to submit to the demands of a despotic tyrant and war criminal.

“Rebellion to Tyrants is Obedience to God.” -Thomas Jefferson


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