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Tandra Page 1519, Trump Demands You Pay More

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

It would appear that President Donald J. Trump has a less than charitable attitude toward one of the most successful businesses within recent years. On Wednesday Trump is reported to have tweeted, “Amazon is doing great damage to tax paying retailers. Towns, cities and states throughout the US are being hurt - many jobs being lost!” Translation; “Americans who buy from Amazon are avoiding being ripped off by government thugs and government bureaucrats are seeing their cash stream interrupted and the unfettered growth of the Imperial State is being put at risk.”

We all understand that President Donald J. Trump and Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos are not exactly best buddies, but Americans who shop at Amazon are not doing so because they side with Bezos in the Political Ideological Conflict. Amazon customers are choosing Amazon because of excellent choice of merchandise and affordable pricing. Part of that lower pricing at Amazon comes as result that Amazon does not always add a government extortion fee to the cost for a product, as opposed to your local mom and pop store that is forced to add a government fee to the cost of any item you buy there by force of bureaucratic edict. Of consequence, as Amazon’s market share grows state and city revenue fails to increase at the projected rates, state and city governments find their expected growth rates in peril and local bureaucracies are reduced and government jobs lost. It is enough to make one weep. Just think, your local tax assessor may not be able to hire an extra assistant office boy to more efficiently calculate the amount in property tax the government will confiscate from you next year. I am certain that prospect causes you the loss of much needed sleep at night.

President Donald J. Trump, who likely does not shop much at Amazon because he gets his items at high dollar upscale New York City specialty shops, makes claim Amazon is competing for your business in a tilted playing field, tilted in favour of Amazon and to the disadvantage of the local, taxpaying Mom and Pop. Let’s check that out, por favour. If you go into a local Mom and Pop, you can walk the aisles, pick and choose as you like, hold the item in your hands, inquire of a real live person about essentials of the item, take it to the check-out and walk out of the store with the item in hand. Instant gratification and advantage to Mom and Pop.

When you go to Amazon, you have an almost unlimited range of choice, but all you can see is a postage stamp image of the item accompanied by a brief paragraph that gives you the bare essentials concerning the item you are thinking of purchasing and that answers none of the questions you have about the item of question. If you decide to chance purchasing the item, you may receive it within seven to ten business days with a shipping cost added of fifty percent of the item’s price. If you wish to have the item in your hands faster than seven to ten business days, you can pay a still higher shipping fee and have the item guaranteed delivery within two days or, for an even steeper fee, next day delivery. Amazon does not offer an option of walking out of the store with the item immediately as you pay for it. That is an exclusive feature of the Mom and Pop. No matter the playing field, Amazon is never going to offer that feature.

So the retailer playing field is never going to be “fair”, as President Donald J. Trump is fond of saying. Apples are never going to be oranges and saddling Amazon with local sales tax is never going to fundamentally transform all fruit into peaches. But a level retail field is not actually the concern that keeps President Donald J. Trump awake nights. President Donald J. Trump is primarily concerned with keeping uninterrupted the continuing flow of funds to governments so that government bureaucracies may continue to maintain their unrestricted growth and gobble up more of the nation’s wealth. You see, Amazon does not pay taxes, not one penny of taxes. Only Americans pay taxes. When additional taxes are imposed upon Amazon, those taxes are added on to the cost of the items you purchase at Amazon and you pay those extortion fees. Amazon pays nothing.

And that is just fine with President Donald J. Trump because, as a newbie politician, President Donald J. Trump has learned that his primary responsibility is to grow the size and power of his government. Every other consideration is secondary.

“Rebellion to Tyrants is Obedience to God.” -Thomas Jefferson


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