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Tandra Page 1519, Tremaine On Screen

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

Back in the day I had the idea it might be a great idea to have a Tandra movie. I was not the only person talking about a movie. Several of my friends and even people I did not know were making comment as to how it would be nice to see Tandra on the big screen, or even on television. In fact, there were people with money who had expressed interest in seeing Tandra as a video experience. Most important, from my perspective, the lady who was the template for Tremaine had show business ambitions and she was enthusiastic about a Tandra movie with herself on screen as Tremaine.

So I was inspired to create a Tandra plot that would focus on Tremaine and that could be filmed without bankrupting everyone involved. The money people who were interested in financing a Tandra movie had deep pockets, but they had limits to their resources. We agreed, if a Tandra movie was produced and if it made a profit, there could be a follow up in which we could afford to go more spectacular and, in consequence, more expensive.

With all this in mind, I sat down to create a Tandra story with Tremaine at center and which placed her on Earth. The Tandra Connection would be there and so would other Tandra characters and concepts, but we would not need to spend bundles of money to create an exotic alien world. With Earth as our backdrop, the world upon which the story took place was already in existence.

It took a bit of doing, but I eventually came up with a concept I thought was worthy of a medium budget movie and I began to create a Tandra Story that would showcase the plot. From a creative perspective, I was not investing time in detailing a movie plot that would demand I abandon the Tandra printed adventures while I worked out the movie concept.

The movie never happened, for various reasons. Most movie proposals never reach the screen, neither the big one nor the smaller home screen. But the plot was not wasted. The result, insofar as Tandra is concerned, was a 176 page story that happened on Earth with the use of Tandra Characters and that introduced elements into the Tandra Universe that would shape future events to a critical degree.

I will eventually see Tremaine’s Earth Adventure on line in the New Generation Section, but that will not happen in the near future. In the mean time those of you who would like to see when an alien actually came to Earth and was discovered by the media, check out “Tremaine On Earth” at our on line store.

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