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Tandra Page 1520, August 20, 2015

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This commentary is titled; NEXT

“You won’t like what comes after the destruction of these United States!” is an admonition coming from those who love this nation and who are watching it being dismantled on a continuing campaign to be replaced by a Third World style dictatorship. Unfortunately, that admonition does not hold true for a considerable percentage of those who make claim this country was founded upon flawed principles and has been spiraling out of control ever since.

Those who hate this nation and its people do not hate our country for its supposed vices. Our enemies hate America for its virtues. They don’t hate America because it is evil in their eyes. They hate America precisely because America is, and has been throughout its history, primarily good.

The Quislings who wish to stage a coup are, without fail, of the dictatorial persuasion. Primarily, and almost without exception, these vicious and morally bankrupt thugs with dreams of unlimited power are of the Marxist, Fascist, Muslim persuasion. The remainder are simply obsessed with murdering the owners of property and seizing it for their own use. These depraved monsters have no ideological agenda, no grand scheme. They are simply looters with no more complex game plan than grasping as much loot as possible and spending it to purchase an unlimited quantity of rich-boy toys.

Those of the Marxist, Fascist, Muslim persuasion make fanciful promises they will rule for the advantage of the “people”. When it is pointed out that, across the face of the planet, Marxist, Fascist, Muslim regimes rule over nations of slaves where a select group of Elite Masters possess the wealth and the people over whom they hold power are miserable and starving slaves, the would-be Masters make claim there is misery and poverty in Marxist, Fascist, Muslim nations because the rulers of those nations do not understand how to properly apply Marxist, Fascist, Muslim Principles. Present day Marxist, Fascist, Muslim Advocates insist that, as the Smartest People In The Room, they will run the new Marxist, Fascist, Muslim Society in the proper manner to create paradise on Earth.

These Marxist, Fascist, Muslim advocates lie through their teeth and with deliberate aforethought. Their vision of a perfect society is not one in which everyone lives a life of prosperity and plenty guarded over by a benevolent State. Their vision of the perfect society is Venezuela, North Korea and Cuba where blood soaked dictators hold the people by the throat and rule by terror, where the people freeze and starve and live in peril of being dragged from their beds on any given night and hauled off to be interrogated and tortured by the Secret Police concerning some imagined charge before disappearing forever into some filthy prison never to be again heard from.

And yes, Dear Hearts, there are men in this nation who lust with all their being for a society of that sort where they rule with unrestrained power and where the people tremble in fear as the rulers ride by in their luxurious high polished automobiles protected by a small army brandishing deadly weapons which they have no hesitation of using for the most trivial of reasons.

When the United States falls to wreck and ruin and is replaced by a brutal and bloody dictatorship, there are far too many in this nation today who will rejoice for their dreams have, at long last, come true!

May the sun always shine on your parade!

Next Week; David Galon begins his quest to discover the fate of men lured away from the city of Ashkelon who then are never again heard from. Galon is accompanied by a young man of remarkable abilities. Who is this young man and what is his connection to Earthian Davis Galon’s home world?? Don’t fail to read Tandra Page 1521. Check in beginning Monday, August 21, 2017. Experience the continuing story updated every day at

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