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Tandra Page 1520, E-day

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

Mister Johnson came by this morning. He came riding up in that old wagon of his pulled by his mule, Second. Second is the second mule Mister Johnson has got a hold of. Mister Johnson climbed down off that wagon and hitched Second to a low hanging Oak limb in my yard, same as he always does when he comes to visit.

He ambled over to where I was standing with a big glass of Iced Tea and handed me a bag containing several cartons of eggs, my normal delivery. Since I was expecting Mister Johnson to drop by today, I had money in my pocket and I pulled out a wad of bills and paid him. Mister Johnson looked at the bills and noted I had given him too much money. I grinned and told him to consider the extra an Eclipse Day Bonus. He laughed and crammed the money into his pocket. Mister Johnson made claim he never refuses free money. Then he asked if he might have for himself a glass of Iced Tea like the one I was enjoying.

He glanced up at the sky and made comment it appears to be great weather for an eclipse, not a cloud in site, although there could be a few small clouds hiding behind the Oak Trees in my yard. I don’t have an unobstructed view of the sky. In any case, Mister Johnson asked if I was planning to watch the thing and I replied that I was not. If I cop an image of the eclipse, I’ll catch an image on television. In today’s CGI technology, the Eclipse will likely look better and more spectacular on screen than in real life. Mister Johnson reminded me I don’t have a television connection. My television monitor is set up to play DVD disks only. I admitted what Mister Johnson says is true, but I have neighbours that have cable connections so I can go visit with them whenever I please and watch the eclipse images.

What I will be doing today is working to produce Tandra Pages, which is my normal Monday schedule. What I do find interesting is reports of the strange colours of the shadows cast upon the Earth as the Moon passes between us and the Sun. To see this, I can look out my window as I work. So this Eclipse is an event of a lifetime, but I don’t need to step outside and look up into the sky to see the effect of this wondrous event.

If you are reading this on Monday Morning, take warning from almost every source you can imagine and don’t look up into the sky while the Eclipse is taking place without arming yourself with verifiably approved viewing devices, and make certain the approved viewing devices are true to their claims. The remainder of your life is a long time to be blind!

“Rebellion to Tyrants is Obedience to God.” -Thomas Jefferson


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