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Tandra Page 1520, Censorship In America

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

In America, if you dare say something that offends the Ruling Elite Class, jack-booted thugs will not come to your home in the dead of night, smash down your door and drag you out of bed, taking you down to the Information Control Center and beat you senseless or force from you a “confession of guilt” (whichever comes first), then toss you into prison to vanish from the public record forever, your fate unknown to friends and family, at least not yet.

But you are most certainly in grave danger of having your life and career and social standing destroyed by the Thought Police in you happen to be accused of engaging in “Hate Speech”. And precisely what exactly is “Hate Speech”? “Hate Speech” is any comment, observation or opinion the Liberal Regressives hate. “Hate Speech” is any comment, observation or opinion that does not toe the Liberal Regressive Line. “Hate Speech” is any comment, observation or opinion that does not support the Liberal Regressive Agenda.

“Hate Speech” is precisely applied as are Muslim Blasphemy Directives; anything that shows Islam in an unfavourable light is blasphemy and punishable by death, including the absolute and unaltered truth. Insofar as the Liberal Regressives are concerned, even should you speak the honest and obvious truth, but it fails to conform to the Liberal Regressive ideology, you are engaged in “Hate Speech”.

The Beltway Ruling Elite have not issued an Imperial Directive that requires repeal of the First Amendment and demands a Beltway Bureaucrat give prior approval to every word that comes out of every American’s mouth and of every word he writes or publishes, at least not yet, but the high tech companies are jumping in and filling the gap for the Elite. When an American makes comment or observation that makes uncomfortable a member of the Beltway Ruling Elite Class, government thugs do not come to arrest you and haul you off to prison, at least not yet, but the high tech communications giants in the pockets of our masters rush to electroniclly shut up the offender for spewing “Hate Speech”, which is to say speech the Elite Class hate to hear.

In the age of electronic censorship, Americans are left to wonder “Who censors the censor?”

“Rebellion to Tyrants is Obedience to God.” -Thomas Jefferson


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