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Tandra Page 1520, The Courageous

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

There are those in Christian Circles who are all bent out of shape as regards plot points of a television series titled “Preacher”.

Now I have some small knowledge of “Preacher” as it originated as a comic book series from DC Comics, the Superman People. I bought one of the trade paperback collections of the first half dozen issues of the thing and glanced through it. The art was singularly unappealing and the story failed to spark my interest in the first few pages, so I put it on the shelf and forgot about it. That’s what I know first hand about the source material.

The complaint comes as regards the plot line in a television series based on “Preacher” that is reported to portray that Jesus had an illicit one night stand with a married woman and, afterward, warned her to tell no one, ever. But the woman came up pregnant and gave birth to the kid where upon all the descendants have inbred for two thousand years to produce a clan of retard idiots.

Wow! Now that’s a bizarre and absurd plot line that makes the Star Wars movies appear as a mundane real world documentary by comparison.

I honestly don’t have a clue why Christians are shocked...shocked, I tell you, by this potboiler in your face anti-Christian television farce. Television Executives have long stood courageous with efforts to insult and ridicule the Christian Faith and to slander the icons of Christianity including, most prominently, God Almighty Himself. Television Executives, Hollywood Moguls and pretty much everyone of the Liberal Regressive Left has courage that holds no limits when it comes to standing up to and calling out The Christ and His Followers. Their courage in attempting to humiliate and ridicule knows no bounds.

When it comes to the courage required to call out the delusional followers of Muhammad and his pagan god Allah, not so much. What could possibly be the reason for the marked difference in the display of courage on display in calling out Christians as opposed to the cowardice displayed in standing up to the vicious evil character of the Islamic ideology? It could be that our Media Elite are essentially in collusion with Islamic Terrorism. Our Media Elite see no problem with slavery, murder, female genital mutilation, sexual exploitation, sex trafficking of children, and lying to achieve their objectives. It could be the Media Elite and the Liberal Regressives make common cause with Islam because both hate English Law and the United States Constitution with equal intensity and the Liberal Regressives are of the camp that insists, “The enemy of my enemy is, of consequence, my ally.”

But there is another reason there are no holds barred, no restraints required when it comes to attacking Christianity while there is a universal hands off policy as regards Islam. That reason is abject and craven cowardice. No Christian has ever strapped to himself a bomb and blown up stuff while shouting, “Jesus saves!” Certainly people who self-identify as Christians have done terrible things, but a Christian’s act of evil was in violation of the teachings of The Christ. Muslims, by contrast, may very well kill you if they perceive you have given insult to Islam, and they do so by direct orders from the Muslim User Guide.

So what we understand about the Liberal Regressive Left and their Media Elite running dogs is they hate America, the American People and the United States Constitution, they hate Christianity and the Almighty God and will ally themselves with any vicious and debauched ideology to bring down this nation. And one other thing...

We understand they have a yellow streak down their backs a mile wide!

“Rebellion to Tyrants is Obedience to God.” -Thomas Jefferson


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