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Tandra Page 1521, August 27, 2015

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This commentary is titled; THE PACT

You have heard it said the Constitution of these United States is an outdated document written by old white men who owned slaves and which was designed for an agrarian society of farms and small villages. In today’s world of Mega-metropolises and high technology, a 250 year old constitution is hopelessly out dated. Our Elite rulers would rather replace our outdated and out of step with modern high tech society 250 year old contract with modern and forward looking Sharia Law (Desert Law) which is only a mere 1400 years old and designed for savage nomads living in the desert seven hundred years ago. How progressive are our Elite Beltway Rulers!

It so happens it is not the age of our Constitution that so offends Liberal Regressives. What offends Liberal Regressives as regards our Constitution is that the Constitution places strict limits on the powers granted to government. The thing that so infatuates Liberal Regressives about Sharia is that it combines government with religion and makes government to speak for god, granting government unlimited power over men. It is not the gods that Liberal Regressives worship. What they worship and lust for beyond all else is raw, unlimited power, the license to rule without the least restriction upon the evil they are allowed to commit.

And make no mistake; these who would be king are indeed evil. They are not simply misguided souls that have lost their way. They are evil by intent and by deliberate design. “War is deceit!” Muhammad is reported to have said. Following the example of deceit laid down by Muhammad, those who would destroy a nation engage in a campaign to erase this country’s history by the destruction of monuments and symbols of honourable men who took up arms to limit the powers of a White Supremacist despot who made war on women and children. Savages today rip down monuments of men who owned slaves while they place in a position of honour a white supremacist Nazi Sympathizer who advocated the extermination of the Black race, the removal of “human weeds”. Those who would erase American history are openly funded by a confessed Nazi Collaborator. These savages full well understand that a people who have no past are a people with no future, and that is their final design, their ultimate goal, their grand agenda. They long to destroy this country as a sovereign nation and reduce it to a satrap of a One World Government wherein an un-elected and unaccountable council of bureaucrats make laws and regulations for everyone, a world where the un-elected and unaccountable rule and everyone else serves as slaves to the elite masters.

But you make claim the battle cry of those who hate America is, “Down with slavery!” Remember it is reported that Muhammad made claim, “War is deceit!” and that Islam, with whom the Liberal Regressives are ideologically joined at the hip, is an ideology of slavery under which women are slaves without rights and without recourse, under which young boys and young girls are sold to be used and traded for degenerate sex games, in which Mullahs decide the decrees that come from the pagan rock god Allah and in which the Mullahs always arrange that Allah’s demands favour the wishes of the Murderous Mullahs.

Our enemy who wishes to bring down America and fundamentally transform this country into a satrap of the one world government is an alignment of evil men who have slaughtered sixty-five million children, who engage in the sex trafficking of underage children and who are too stupid to be able to look between their own legs to determine if they should wear blue or if they should dress in pink and who have made a pact with men who consider women as chattel property and who worship a pagan rock god that tells them the only sure path to an afterlife paradise that looks to be nothing less than a third rate brothel is to strap on a bomb and kill as many innocents as possible.

If this is not evil, then evil has no meaning!

May the sun always shine on your parade!

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