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Tandra Page 1521, Trump’s Fault

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

Seriously, I expected Hurricane Harvey to be pretty much a bust. I mean we have all had experience with the Weather Channel attempting to boost ratings by proclaiming every thunderstorm and rain shower as the storm of the century. It’s pretty much a boy who cried, “Wolf!” story wherein the boy shepherd who got bored watching over the sheep decided to have some fun by screaming, “Wolf!” and, when the people came running out from the village to fight off the wolf and save the sheep, the boy shepherd thought it was all good fun and had a good laugh. The people went back to the village and to their previous activities grousing over the trick the boy shepherd had pulled on them. The boy shepherd thought it had been such a good joke that, a few days later, when the boy shepherd once more grew bored, he again cried, “Wolf!” As before, the people came running out to drive off the wolf and again there was no wolf in sight. Again the boy shepherd had a good laugh and again the people in the village went away disgusted. A few days later, a real wolf came out of the forest and attacked the sheep whereupon the boy shepherd screamed, “Wolf!” in truth, but no one paid him any mind and the wolf slaughtered sheep right and left.

That was my feeling going into Hurricane Harvey. I just figured the Weather Channel was again “screaming wolf” as before. As it came to pass, Hurricane Harvey turned out to be the real deal. Who knew?!

So Hurricane Harvey came ashore in Texas over the weekend as a major storm and just sat there. As I understand from news reports, though this was a major storm, the wind did not so much damage. The problem was Hurricane Harvey came ashore and stayed on point, dumping over four feet of rain on Texas, with more rain expected to come over the next several days. So Texas has a real mess in and around Houston.

In addition, wouldn’t you expect it, the Liberal Regressive Climate Warming Nuts have decided Hurricane Harvey is all President Donald J. Trump’s fault. One wonders how that works. Go figure!

In any case, Global Warming Guru Al Gore is dancing in the streets making claim his predictions of Global Disaster are finally coming to pass and insisting if Americans had only given him a lot more money, Hurricane Harvey would not have happened.

It’s a weird world, folks.

“Rebellion to Tyrants is Obedience to God.” -Thomas Jefferson


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