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Tandra Page 1521, Acts Of God

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

There are those who make claim to be men (and women) of God who insist the recent eclipse and the storm presently dumping record amounts of water on Texas and Louisiana are acts of God with meaning for those who care to read the message God is sending.

I don’t buy it.

Please understand; I am a believer and I understand God has total control over the Heavens and the Earth and that He can cause hurricanes and blizzards, but I am not convinced that He directs the path of every drop of rain that falls nor of every cloud that forms on the horizon. It’s not that He can’t do so if He wishes, but I believe He has set up the pattern of the universe and allows events to take their normal course in compliance with the Grand Design. Certainly God can take an active hand in natural events if He so chooses, but I am convinced that God mostly allows natural events to run their course as designed.

I make comparison to a watch maker. Who, one could ask, is the watch maker of greater skill? Is it one that constructs a time piece that requires constant tinkering and adjustment or is the superior watch maker one that creates a watch that runs perfectly with no need for adjustment. I see God as the creator of greater skill who sets the universe in motion and allows it to run as designed without the necessity of constantly needing to make adjustments to fine tune the thing.

Of course God, as the creator, can step in and make special adjustments as suites His requirements, but I believe these adjustments are unique events that advance His design in a special manner and not a constant and on going operation.

Which brings us back to Harvey and to the recent eclipse.

The eclipse came about right on schedule as could be predicted immediately men acquired the knowledge to determine when such things should occur. It was not headlines on CNN that triggered the eclipse. The eclipse came about in accordance with a split second time table God set up when the Universe came to exist. Men did not cause the eclipse to occur.

Harvey came about in the same manner. Harvey, and all tropical storms, occur in the natural order of things. Tropical storms and hurricanes serve a natural function of transferring water that has drained from land and into the ocean back to land so as to allow the endless cycle to continue. Generally rain falls in moderation or by way of thunderstorms. In cold weather moisture falls as snow or ice. On occasion water comes to land by way of tropical storms and hurricanes. These are natural occurrences that come about by the laws of nature. None of them happen because of events in the social order of men.

Of course God may send a tropical storm as a warning to men that they should repent and mend their ways, but there is no concrete evidence available that people in Houston TX are markedly more wicked and rebellious toward God than are men in other parts of this Earth. So don’t go blaming God for weather that follows the natural order. In fact, while the water damage has been rather spectacular, the death toll reported so far has been about half a dozen persons, so I see reported. Any number of deaths is tragic, but half a dozen dead from rain are less than the typical traffic accident count around Houston on an average weekend.

Things could have been much worse.

“Rebellion to Tyrants is Obedience to God.” -Thomas Jefferson


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