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Tandra Page 1522, September 3, 2015

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This commentary is titled; TWO AMERICAS

In the midst of all the angst over Mister Lincoln’s War and the campaign to remove from national memory any trace of men who took up arms to stand against the regime of a power hungry tyrant who made war on women and children and thought nothing of the slaughter of a quarter million Americans in his quest to secure personal power and with all the fake news and information currently afloat today, I decided to search out the source and compare the Constitution of these United States with the Constitution of the Confederate States.

As has been noted elsewhere, except for specific modifications, the two are essentially identical. Primarily the differences arrive over the regulation of commerce and, of course, slavery. The United States Constitution allows regulation and abolishment of the slave trade after 1860 by way of tariffs and taxes. The Confederate Constitution bans the slave trade outright and permanent. It seems a bit odd that the morally superior Yankees, who were absolutely horrified by slavery, continued constructing slave ships right up through to almost the final shot was fired in Mister Lincoln’s War. I suppose transporting slaves did not offend the Northern Sensibilities. Yankees were only offended by the selling and purchase of slaves.

While the Confederate Constitution forbid the slave trade, specifically the import of foreign slaves, the Constitution perpetuated the ownership of slaves inside the Confederacy for all time. This is an irrefutable indictment against the Confederacy. On the other hand, the American Constitution forbid recognition of the citizenship of Native Americans long after Africans were granted citizenship. The fact is, the industrial age was making slavery unprofitable. Slavery became cost prohibitive in the industrial North before it did in the South. As I wrote in Tandra many years back, slavery did not end because good and righteous men decided it should be so. Slavery fell out of favour because it became no longer cost effective. As civilization declines and owning slaves becomes again profitable, men both good and moral who decry the evils of slavery will suddenly be converted to insist that slavery is again a good thing. As example, observe the slobbering love affair the Liberal Regressives who loudly damn slavery and anyone associated with same have for Islam, an ideology that openly consigns women to bonded servitude.

The above is in no wise an attempt to defend slavery and, as an Un-reconstructed Southerner I am truly sad the South continued to embrace slavery but, given the power lust of “Honest” Abe Lincoln and his power hungry henchmen as well as the totalitarian inclinations of the Republican Party, if it had not been slavery “Honest” Abe and the “State Capitalism” Republicans would have found another excuse for war to subdue the South. In actual fact, slavery was not the first issue “Honest” Abe used to rally the troops against the South. “Honest” Abe ran up the flagpole several other issues, but they were met with indifference by the Northerners. It was not until “Honest” Abe labeled his war as a righteous campaign to “save the black man” he finally gained the widespread support for the campaign he sought.

Which brings up another issue addressed by the Confederate Constitution.

Section Eight of the Confederate Constitution declares Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes, duties, imposts, and excises, for revenue, necessary to pay the debts, provide for the common defense, and carry on the Government of the Confederate States; but no bounties shall be granted from the Treasury; nor shall any duties or taxes on importations from foreign nations be laid to promote or foster any branch of industry; and all duties, imposts, and excises shall be uniform throughout the Confederate States.

Those who have maintained that slavery was not the primary issue that sparked Mister Lincoln’s War point to this provision as the reason for their position. Indeed, “Honest” Abe Lincoln proclaimed in his first Inaugural Address that he was willing to concede to slavery, indeed he supported a Constitutional Amendment institutionalizing slavery forevermore, but if the South refused to submit to the ruinous tariffs that Protected “Honest” Abe’s handlers and cronies who were Northeastern Industrials, Big Bankers and Moguls of the Transportation Industry, there would be war. Go look up “Honest” Abe’s First Inaugural and read it for yourself.

Indeed, if you wish to make claim the issue of the war was States’ Rights, the right of states in the South to refuse the purchase shoddy products made by “Honest” Abe’s cronies at luxury prices and to purchase superior products from those willing to sell at affordable prices makes the case. The Republican Party was organized as the Party of political pull and special interests and “Honest” Abe Lincoln was the second candidate for President. (General John C. Fremont was the first Republican candidate for President, and he was certainly a piece of work; a white supremacist who surrounded himself with refugees from the failed Communist Revolution in Germany and Western Europe that came to naught in 1848, forcing those who supported it to flee to England and many of them to the United States where they gravitated to the Industrial North and a number of them helped to form the Republican Party.) But the Republican Party was an ill fit for the European Marxists. The Republicans were less concerned with “workers’ rights” and more about getting cozy with Big Business in a “you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” arrangement. The Republicans called this “State Capitalism”, an arrangement in which government favours certain businesses and regions over others in exchange for favours and vice-versa. Today we call this arrangement between government and politics “Fascism”! Republicans today make claim they are falsely accused of being the party of the rich and well-connected, but history does not lie. As the party of the rich and politically connected the Republican Party was born and so it remains today.

“Honest” Abe failed to fully embrace Communism in totality but Carl Sandburg, in his six volume biography, reveals that the Communist Utopian Ideals “lighted up Lincoln’s heart”. Even though “Honest” Abe and the Republicans did not fully embrace the Communist Workers’ Party Ideals, the Communists decided they could work with Lincoln to advance their cause. After all, there is not really that much difference between Communism and Fascism and Karl Marx himself was a great admirer of “Honest” Abe. Both Communism and Fascism are orders of centralized power, of masters and slaves. The Communists and Fascists saw their opportunity to bring a country under a totalitarian centralized system. Once successful the two opponents could work out their differences to mutual benefit later.

As it happened, the Democrats soon welcomed the Communists with open arms and the Fascists were left with the Republican party. Now we have in America a political party that represents the Communists and a party of the Fascists....

and no one represents Americans!

May the sun always shine on your parade!

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